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  1. sandy.beach

    Domain Down

    Hi i am unable to access my website via html, ftp or cpanel, i am unable to connect via any method. Is there an issue i should be aware of?
  2. sandy.beach

    SQL Databases - Maximum Limit not reached

    Hi i have a limit of 8 MYSQL databases available to me, i only have seven in use, but i cannot add an eighth. I get the message "Warning: You are currently using the maximum number of MySQL databases. If you need more please contact your service provider." Yet my cpanel lists this as: All SQL...
  3. sandy.beach


    Hi guys i was experimenting with a new script and i believe i have sent too many emails to myself which has knocked my website offline. My website is I am unable to access the cpanel either. I was sending emails to my own account "" which i...
  4. sandy.beach

    X10 hosting is down

    Hi looks like ftp, cpanel and http access is down: Can someone take a look please i am getting no access. Thanks
  5. sandy.beach

    Unable to login to cpanel

    Hi guys, at the moment i am unable to login to the cpanel at the moment, and i believe it is due to my password being incorrect. But i am unable to reset my password on the hosting account, can someone send me the url so i can reset my password as i do not know what my current cpanel password...
  6. sandy.beach

    Why is this under free hosting support

    Ok, i have paid for 5 years of hosting with x10 hosting, so why is my support requests going under free hosting ?????
  7. sandy.beach

    Unable to login to CPanel

    Hi i have reset my password quite a few times and am unable to login to my cpanel. My username is sandy.beach, i can login to the forum fine, but cannot login into my cpanel, can someone take a look at this please? I have reset my password many times over the last 2 weeks and i have not...
  8. sandy.beach

    change of main domain

    hi i am trying to change my main domain to the below but it does not update when it makes the change as it says it is in use, how do i change it?
  9. sandy.beach


    Hi i have been foolish and i cannot login into my cpanel, can i get my password reset please or could someone direct me to where i can submit a password reset please? Thanks
  10. sandy.beach


    i have an email address "" but i am unable to receive emails at this address, i can send from it, just not receive, i have other domains and email addresses setup on your system such as which can receive emails fine, is there a problem with this...
  11. sandy.beach

    Account Upgrade

    Heya i paid the $45 for 5 years web hosting and i am unsure if there has been a mistake made. It says my packages has been upgrade to prime. I paid for the illuminated package, not the prime one, so not sure if there has been a mistake made ? Also i had previously paid to have a load of...
  12. sandy.beach

    Suspended Account

    Hi i have had my account suspended for the below reason, of uploading/emailing file u ? and that php is prohibited. As quoted below "Violation of x10hosting's terms of service. Details: the file uploading/emailing file u. Php is prohibited on x10hosting's servers." Im not sure what i have...
  13. sandy.beach

    There has been a fatal error with the A5 Core.

    Heya just got a fatal error when going here: Possible sql issues? --- There has been a fatal error with the A5 Core. -------------- The MySQL Database Drive has been unable to connect to the datavase.
  14. sandy.beach

    unable to re-activate account

    Hi i keep trying to re-active my account from it being suspended due to inactivity on the forum but i get the following error: Hosting Unsuspension submitted August 8 at 7:30 pm pbzg5UkabTuW action status Error information Unsuspension of your hosting account. result A system error...
  15. sandy.beach

    Allowed Memory Size

    Hi there when i activate a drupal module i get the below error, its obvious to me what this means, does the paid packages have this memory limit ? Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 24 bytes) in...
  16. sandy.beach

    Site Error

    Hi when viewing my site: I get the below error: Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: #07000(proxy) all backends are down in /home/sandyit/public_html/hosting/stazzi/system/database/mysql.php on line 6 Error: Could not make a database connection...
  17. sandy.beach

    Email Account

    hi i have the current email address listed: I am unable to delete it as the error says it does not exist, please can this be deleted. Thank you
  18. sandy.beach

    Parked Domain

    Hi i have a parked domain setup: which points to: Now when i enter it does redirect to the above location but it shows the main url: instead of only...
  19. sandy.beach

    parked domain error message

    when i was trying to remove the domain to re-add it i got the below error: Error from hooks wrapper: Domain action was not successfully completed [1]. Error: Error from park wrapper: Unable to find out which user owns the parked domain Could this be...
  20. sandy.beach

    Cancelled Account

    Hi guys I just had my account cancelled I believe I'm sure I have broken a rule of the tos or there was a misunderstanding Can I get my account reactivated please I plan on taking paid hosting within 23 hours. Thanks