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  1. Skizzerz

    PHP 5.5 Upgrade Scheduled for Wednesday March 12 on all Free Hosting Servers

    We will be upgrading PHP on all the Free Hosting servers, including Illuminated, this Wednesday. The upgrade is scheduled to begin at 2:00am UTC, and will likely take several hours. Brief, minimal service interruptions are expected throughout this time frame. After the upgrade, all Free Servers...
  2. Skizzerz

    Review My Site Rules

    These rules are for the Review My Site section of our Community Forums. Please read and follow these before posting. All forum rules are in full effect here. Only post a thread if the site you want people to review is hosted with x10Hosting (does not matter if it is Free Hosting, Premium, or...
  3. Skizzerz

    Changing PHP Versions

    We offer a way for you to switch your PHP version back down to an earlier version. We do not recommend running your site on a lower PHP version, as these will not receive any additional updates for security. Please try to make all applications you are running compatible with the latest version...
  4. Skizzerz

    PHP 5.4 Upgrade scheduled for Friday July 19, 2013 on all Free Hosting Servers

    We will be upgrading PHP on all the Free Hosting servers, including Illuminated, this Friday. The upgrade is scheduled to begin at 10:00pm CDT (3:00am Saturday July 20 UTC), and will likely take several hours. Brief, minimal service interruptions are expected throughout this time frame. After...
  5. Skizzerz

    Server Moves

    As you may or may not have noticed, we are currently undergoing server moves for all of our Free Hosting users. The purpose of these moves is to increase service stability and solve numerous issues present with our existing setup for Free Hosting users. Illuminated and Premium hosting are...
  6. Skizzerz

    Account suspended? Find out what to do here.

    If your account has been suspended you'll need to access our account control panel, available here: Sign into the portal to view your suspension reason. Some suspensions may be removed automatically, such as those due to account inactivity. For all other...
  7. Skizzerz

    Announcement regarding external SMTP services (gmail, etc.)

    Hello, The following announcement applies to users of our Free Hosting and Prime services. Many users of our Free Hosting service have been wondering why they are getting "Authentication failed" messages when attempting to send mail via an external SMTP service such as gmail. We have...
  8. Skizzerz

    Stuck Resource Limit Hit suspensions on boru

    For users who have been experiencing a stuck "Resource Limit Hit!" suspension and are on the boru server, I am pleased to announce that these issues have been resolved and your sites should now work again. Since these issues have been resolved, any Resource Limit Hit suspensions from this point...
  9. Skizzerz

    Support Tickets

    Due to people who fail to read before opening tickets saying that services are down, we have been flooded with support tickets over the past two weeks. As the vast majority of these tickets were about servers or services not working correctly (which we are already...
  10. Skizzerz

    Account portal "Access cPanel" button fixed

    Some users have been opening tickets about being unable to access cPanel after changing their Account Portal password or after creating a new Hosting account with an existing Portal account, and about the "Access cPanel" button in the Account Portal not working. These issues have been fixed...
  11. Skizzerz

    Terms of Service changes

    Our Terms of Service have been updated on March 10, 2012. You can read the updated version at, but I've outlined what has changed below: The following sections have been added/modified: 1. Server Usage Image galleries, video galleries, or music collections...
  12. Skizzerz


    Due to some underlying issues with stoli, we needed to reboot the server, meaning that all accounts on stoli will be unable to access their website or cPanel. The server should be back up momentarily, and any status updates will be posted here.
  13. Skizzerz

    Change to Inactivity Policy

    Hello everyone! With the changes we have recently introduced to the Account Portal, we have updated our inactivity policy so that you must now log into the Account Portal once every 30 days. You no longer need to log into the forums to keep your account active, only Account Portal logins will...
  14. Skizzerz

    !!!!!IMPORTANT!!!!! New Ticket System

    Please make use of the ticket system located in your Account Portal if you wish to open a support ticket. The Free Hosting forum is being phased out as our official support mechanism and will soon be locked. To guarantee a speedy reply, you should open a ticket via the portal instead, as many of...
  15. Skizzerz

    RVSiteBuilder and Softaculous updates

    Hello, We have updated RVSiteBuilder on boru, chopin, starka, and stoli, which should solve the issues that some users have experienced when attempting to publish a photo gallery. We are still working on installing RVSiteBuilder on lotus, please be patient while we do this. In addition, we...
  16. Skizzerz

    Private Network Issue

    There is currently an issue with the private network at our datacenter. Updates will be posted to as they become available. Please refrain from creating support tickets about your site being down/not functional until this issue is resolved; and, as always, do not...
  17. Skizzerz

    "Resource Limit Hit!" on Chopin

    It has come to our attention that sites that hit our High Resource Usage limit for CPU time per hour do not get reset after the hour has passed on the chopin server, causing sites to display "Resource Limit Hit!" for extended periods of time. We have a ticket open with 1H Software regarding this...
  18. Skizzerz

    Lotus issues

    It seems that lotus is not responding to requests, the admins have been notified and are investigating the issue.
  19. Skizzerz


    Hello, There is currently an issue with lotus where users are unable to connect to their MySQL databases from PHP scripts. Your databases are still there, and we are working to fix this issue. Further status updates will be posted here. Please do not post support requests in this thread.
  20. Skizzerz

    test thread

    this is a testing thread (gasp)