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  1. smithee

    StarCraft II Starter Edition -- download advice

    Hi all, I'm currently downloading StarCraft II: Starter Edition by using the Blizzard Downloader. However it is only running at 80KB/s download speed, which means that it'll take a full day to complete it! I'm currently downloading it at one of my friend's house, but will soon have to go to...
  2. smithee

    Unable to send e-mail via Webmail

    Hi all, I've decided to start using the webmail provided as I require a more professional-looking e-mail account instead of the *ahem* personal one. I log into the Hosting Account Management page just fine (where it shows stats about your site etc), and then I click on the "Log into Webmail"...
  3. smithee

    Adobe Flash CS4 not loading external SWF files into UILoader

    Hi everyone, I'm following a tutorial book I've borrowed from a friend of mine on ActionScript 3.0. It's for Adobe Flash CS5, but I'm adapting, and creating my own files instead of using the ones mentioned in the tutorials. Anyways, I'm up to the stage where it describes the process of...
  4. smithee

    Laptop switches itself off a couple of seconds after switching it on

    Hi all, Here's an unusual problem... When I press the ON button on my laptop, it would switch itself on as expected; the lights comes on and the fan could be heard. After about a second or two, it would just then switch itself off. After about a few seconds of thinking if I'm going insane or...
  5. smithee

    jQuery draggable div disappears in IE and Firefox?

    Hi all, I am wanting to create a portfolio that looks as if it's in a Windows application (I'm a C++ programmer, you see). The majority of the content will be placed inside that "window". I also want to make that window draggable when the user clicks and holds the top. This has been scripted...
  6. smithee

    Two drives on one HDD - make use of D, or expand C??

    Okay, so my laptop has a C and D drive on the same single HDD. Currently everything is stored on the C drive, and it's running out of room, but the D drive is literally empty! I don't want to delete/uninstall anything (yet), so I have come up with two solutions: Hold the installed programs...