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  1. Spartan Erik

    Adding an SSD to my Desktop (with existing HDD)

    Currently I have a machine with a 3.0 GHz C2D (6 MB L2), 3 GB RAM, a GTX 260, and a 500 GB HDD with Windows 7 Ultimate installed (used 7 Ultimate upgrade media, performed clean install from existing Vista installation). I intend on purchasing an OCZ Vertex SSD and would like to have it as my...
  2. Spartan Erik

    Plan on Buying an SSD for Windows 7.. Need Advice

    With Windows 7 coming up, I plan on buying an SSD and having it run in conjunction with my existing 500 GB 7200 RPM HDD. My plan is to make the SSD my primary drive, and install 32-bit Windows 7 OS files on the SSD. Then I would put the pagefile/documents/music/games/everything else on the...
  3. Spartan Erik

    Anyone here using a GTX 260? Or an GTS 250?

    I plan on upgrading from my 8800GT to either a GTX 260 or a GTS 250. The only problem is that the GTX 260 is 10.5" long, and I'm worried it will cover up all four of my SATA ports. The GTS 250 however is the same length as the 8800GT. Is it possible to install a GTX 260, but still have...
  4. Spartan Erik

    How much is this laptop worth?

    Alright so my friend wants to sell his current laptop so he can buy an Acer Aspire or Asus Eee Here are the stats: Model: HP DV6324US RAM: 2 GB Kingston Processor: AMD Turion 64 x2 TL-50 (1.6 GHz) HDD: 120 GB OS: Vista Premium Graphics: nVidia GeForce Go 6150 Monitor Size: 15.4"...
  5. Spartan Erik

    Is My CPU Underclocked?

    My processor is a 2.33 GHz C2D, but when I view the computer's properties it says 1.98 GHz below the 2.33 GHz speed: However, I have also seen it read 2.33 GHz instead of 1.98 GHz on some occassions: Any explanation? Is my CPU underclocked or is it just getting incorrect readings?
  6. Spartan Erik

    Who Here Grabbed Windows 7?

    Grabbed a leaked Microsoft link for the 32-bit version 2 hours before the beta went live, and then grabbed a key some 4-5 hours after the beta went live (lucky refresh). I read that someone installed Windows 7 on a 1 GHz processor and 512 MB RAM and "ran well". Fortunately I have a similar...
  7. Spartan Erik

    Do Larger HDD's Have Higher Failure Rates?

    I currently have two external hard drives, both Seagates (160 GB, 320 GB). I've owned the 160 for two years and the 320 for one year. I'm considering buying this 1 TB drive from Newegg: so I can consolidate my data onto one...
  8. Spartan Erik

    NBC Streaming Old TV Shows Online I couldn't believe it when I saw it. That show is a classic, great laughs over the cheesy special effects, and the actors are great According to TV guide they are bringing back: The A-Team, Emergency!, Kojak, Miami Vice, Buck...
  9. Spartan Erik

    Radeon HD 3870 - Opinions? The Radeon HD 3870 has the best bang-for-buck and beats many 8800GT's statistically. However, I've never owned an ATi card, so I don't know how well it will perform in games such as Crysis and COD4. Opinions? Any users...
  10. Spartan Erik

    8800GTS (640 MB) - Opinions? I'm getting that particular graphics card at a highly reduced price from someone I know. Any opinions on this card? I'm going to replace my 8600GT
  11. Spartan Erik

    July Desktops!

    High res: Yes it's that time again, post screenshots of your desktop!
  12. Spartan Erik

    4 GB RAM Necessary / Is this RAM compatible?

    First question: Is 4 GB of RAM really necessary? I've got a 256 MB nVidia 8600GT that can run COD4 and Crysis just fine, and roughly 1.5 GB / 2 GB of my RAM is used. Will having 2 more gigs of RAM help anything? Second question...
  13. Spartan Erik

    Multifunction Monochrome Laser Printers?

    Anyone use a B/W multifunction laser printer (including fax function)? I'd like to see some personal opinions/reviews before I go out and purchase one. I'm looking for something in the mid-$200 range or less
  14. Spartan Erik

    COD4 Patches?

    I know that there are plenty of websites out there offering COD4 patches, but I am unsure of which websites are trustworthy. Anyone here have all the links to Infinity Ward's patches? I've got version 1.0.525 (no updates I believe)
  15. Spartan Erik

    Favorite Third-Party Skins? (patched uxtheme)

    I'd like to know what everyone's favorite uxtheme is. I figure rather than searching for themes, why not have people show me the ones they like the most! I currently have Royale Vista 2 and SlanXP 2.0 installed:
  16. Spartan Erik

    Walgreens - Free Ink Refill April 2 Digging it would be appreciated! The cartridge models supported are located here: Print out the coupon to get the free refill!
  17. Spartan Erik

    Pokemon and Politics

    Heh, I couldn't stop laughing
  18. Spartan Erik

    Empty 3.5" Floppy Bay.. Ideas?

    I've got an empty 3.5" floppy bay on my computer.. any ideas what to put other than liquid cooling reservoirs, card readers, or fan controllers? I can't expand it to a 5.25" since I have a mini-I/O panel next to the bay
  19. Spartan Erik

    CPU Underclocked?

    As you can see I've got a 2.33 GHz Core2Duo, but below it it says 1.98 GHz.. any ideas what that means? Is it underclocked? If so, is it a BIOS setting to set it back to its normal clock speed?
  20. Spartan Erik

    Vista SP1 Blocks Antivirus Programs! Feel free to Digg it :cool: