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    cPanel httpd moving domain to another users homedir

    Greetings! I just changed to cPanel from a free control panel alternative and it appears my main domain is pointing to the default web site page and not to the accounts public_html I have no idea how to fix it and I'm quite frankly fed up with it hence me posting this. I've tried...
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    Mod Rewrite Help

    I got it to work. For some reason, removing the ? from the Rewrite cond and changing it to SCRIPT_FILENAME all three options above work. Current Rewrite Syntax: RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{SCRIPT_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{SCRIPT_FILENAME} !-d RewriteCond %{SCRIPT_FILENAME} !^/$...
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    Wordpress and PHP prepend_file

    So you're saying I should issue a new header such as 307 moved temporarily rather than leaving it as 302?
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    Wordpress and PHP prepend_file

    I didn't try it before, but I added it and it started working.
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    Wordpress and PHP prepend_file

    Yes I have tried to and the test.php will redirect while the regular wordpress will not.
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    Wordpress and PHP prepend_file

    All I've explained is exactly how it works. Apache includes the file. The file checks a variable defined in a Vhost file. If the variable is 1 redirect to a new site. Nothing else. httpd.conf php_value auto_prepend_file /mnt/secondary_hd/apache_sites/global/inc/suspended.php A vhost file #...
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    Wordpress and PHP prepend_file

    In httpd.conf I have: php_admin_value auto_prepend_file /mnt/secondary_hd/apache_sites/global/inc/suspended.php Which will append the suspension check file to all websites. Wordpress completely ignores it and acts like there's nothing there whereas another website that isn't running Wordpress...
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    Wordpress and PHP prepend_file

    I'm basically making a website suspension type thing using a prepended file set in the apache httpd.conf file. The only problem is, it won't redirect to the page I want after I set the site to be suspended. There are no errors. It just won't redirect.
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    Wordpress and PHP prepend_file

    Hey there! I have posted on the wordpress support site and another website for coding and have had no response. But, I have several wordpress sites and I have PHP set for a prepend file. But, when I make it do something to affect all sites, it doesn't affect the wordpress sites. Can anyone...
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    Minecraft server on D3 VPS?

    Hey there, I ran a minecraft server on D1 I think it was I can't remember but it worked well. Little bit of lag but it was nice. Ran using Bukkit with a fair few plugins. You should be fine to run a minecraft server whether it be bukkit or vanilla.
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    cPanel E-mail Filter

    Hey there, Still having an issue with an E-mail filter. I tried an Account Level filter and a user level filter but the email address is still getting through. Would be awesome if it could be checked out.
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    E-mail filter not working

    Greetings! I have tried to set up an account level filter and user level filter for an e-mail address who is sending me a mass amount of crap. Neither of them are working. Any advice on what to do to stop the mail? Thanks and Merry Christmas.
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    Ubuntu 11.10 and Postfix

    Hey there, I recently reinstalled Ubuntu 11.10 server on a box beneath my desk that I use for various testing websites and I can't seem to get Postfix working again. I've tried posting on Howtoforge but to no prevail. The original problem I was having was fixed but a couple days later if not a...
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    [C#] SQLite not working correctly.

    This is part where I say thank you a lot and claim this topic as resolved.
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    [C#] SQLite not working correctly.

    I'm working on a bot for something and I keep hitting blanks and getting an error. I asked a friend of mine for help but he couldn't find the issue. The code is: sqlConn = new SQLiteConnection("Data Source=botinfo.db;Version=3;New=False;Compress=True;Journal Mode=Off;")...
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    [Windows 7] Connection Issues.

    I had to reinstall my operating system the other day and after doing so the connection was running sluggish and was being really slow. I tried to update my drivers but that produced no fix and it still runs slow. I've tried running windows update as well and the system is up to date. Any...
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    Which IDE do you use?

    I use PHP Designer from MPSoftware. I've used Dreamweaver though I don't care for it that much.
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    PHP License Script

    Alright, thanks, I'll check out the links. I've known about IONCube but not enough money for it.
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    Couldn't understand the comment you left me :P Sorry for taking a long long time to reply. I've...

    Couldn't understand the comment you left me :P Sorry for taking a long long time to reply. I've been busy with life.
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    PHP License Script

    I made a license script a while back and it was poorly done. It sent multiple requests to my server and it bogged it down. What would be a good way to make sure A) Someone is licensed and B) Not bog down the server? I was thinking a cron job, but how would I check if it is setup?