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  1. reecehai

    Connection timed out

    I'm having the same issue, "An error has occurred processing your request." My site still works though.
  2. reecehai

    Account Stuck Unsuspending

    Yes it's all working now, Thanks for your help :)
  3. reecehai

    Account Stuck Unsuspending

    When I log into x10 I see a suspension and the following: The Next Step We're removing the suspension now. Please standby and reload the page in 1 minute. It has been like this for over 24 hours. The only button available is to sign out. Yes, I have reloaded the page and signed in and out...
  4. reecehai

    Server Spam

    I've noticed a lot of sites that work via http, but do not with https. When you force https:// it takes you to an index page of strange pictures redirected from server: For example I have deleted my website so I have nothing hosted but going to the https version frame forwards...
  5. reecehai

    Revert Cpanel theme

    I know it is, x10 host don’t officially call it swap to paper lantern theme, I swapped to the x10x3 or x10 theme and that’s what loads the paper lantern theme for me. Sorry I can’t help further.
  6. reecehai

    Redirect issue

    Have you tried going into cpanel > redirects > and create one?
  7. reecehai

    The Divi Theme does not upload correctly

    Might be an issue with the theme, You could try re downloading the theme from it's original source and upload that to your wordpress site.
  8. reecehai

    Revert Cpanel theme

    I think x3 is the paper lantern theme. Just try changing to it.
  9. reecehai

    Cloudflare: Sign up button doesn't react

    Can you change your theme to any options available to you so it looks like this: You can see under this theme under software there is only one option for cloudflare which works.
  10. reecehai

    Cloudflare: Sign up button doesn't react

    You might need to change your cpanel theme x10x3 i think?, Then about half way down the page there will be a single cloudflare option which you put your login info for cloudflare.
  11. reecehai

    Cloudflare: Sign up button doesn't react

    I had that issue too, I just signed up directly on their site here: Then put my cloudflare login info and key into cpanel.
  12. reecehai

    Can't prevent .js file caching

    Try going into cpanel then cachewall and turn it off. Also if you are using cloudflare turn on development mode.
  13. reecehai

    Account usage without a website

    I was having issues with my site so I deleted it (Wordpress) 2 days later without a site and this is my stats in cpanel, I don't understand why my usage is so high?
  14. reecehai

    403 Forbidden Error

    What CMS are they if any and do you use a CDN like cloudflare? Has a similar issue once and it was to do with cached files.
  15. reecehai

    Unable to upload files to website

    What is the total size of the file you are trying to upload? There is a limit of how large a file can be uploaded and if it's larger than allowed then the file is automatically deleted.
  16. reecehai

    I cannot send HTTP GET request to my site!

    And check that your main site it not breaking any of the following terms:
  17. reecehai

    I cannot send HTTP GET request to my site!

    I get this: <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"></meta> <title>zonit's api</title> <meta name="description" content=></meta> <meta name="theme-color" content="#ff0004" /> </head>How many friends does this user have? :
  18. reecehai

    Newer PHP versions

    You can change your site yourself to the current max supported php 7.1, It's in your cpanel > Select PHP version.
  19. reecehai

    Need help with email

    Try all of the email addresses you have changed from/to on this form: Then which ever one/s work try to log in and see which one has your site hosted on.
  20. reecehai

    MySQL DB Limit 2 of 2 Reached

    I think for free accounts the limit is 2. If you want more usually you have to upgrade to premium