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    Please give a feedback on my site :)

    Guys please checkout my website and give suggestions /feedback for same. Thanks
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    Server Error

    I just set up my domain with x10hosting's name servers. After i try to visit it shows me Server Error Server Error There has been a server error. Please try again momentarily. If the issue persists, create a support ticket. please can u tell me what can be the...
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    Some Doubts Regarding .NET

    Hi, Does x10 hosting supports ASP.NET? during registration it's said so.! which database are supported? i think it's only MYSQL! so how are we supposed to connect to database? using ODBC drivers? Please reply soon! thanks!
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    Please check out my blogs and comment :) I would love to hear from you

    Mobile Blog general blog
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    how to increase PR of a blog?

    Hey guyz, can you help me out? I can't afford to pay some hundred bucks to get my PR increased. I want to know how did you increase your PR.. and how should I increase. Please help out. Thanks!
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    Please check out my blogs and comment :) I would love to hear from you

    Hi guyz, Guyz please check out my 2 blogs and comment over it :) Let it be +ve or -ve I don't care.. I want some reviews.. Most important please tell if site is loading is fast enough or not and whether you find it easy to navigate or not.. I would be thankful of you. General Blog First...
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    Yo guyz!!

    Yo! it's been so long I have joined x10 community but really wasn't active here. Well Myself Mandar. I am doing my Engineering .. I love programming,Love web designing,Web Scripting(PHP,ASP.NET,ASP,JSP,Servlets).. Also I love to talk a lot :) and use a lot of smileys please bear me on this...
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    showing account inactive

    Dear sir, my website is shown inactive.. even though it's shown that it is active in control panel of the website.. (account management area) please check what is the problem.. thank you in advance.. :)
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    Mod Rewrite Problems Is this correct? help me pls

    HI Today i just uploaded my web on the server. Actually i want to make my web search engine friendly so was trying to use mod_rewrite concept. http://???/site/index.php?name=about%20us << i want to convert it to http://???/index/name/about us/ << so for that i used the rewrite generator...