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  1. michaelw1

    name change Request

    Can you please change my display name from hamdi2 to Michaelw? Thank you Ps. tryed of my end but didn't work
  2. michaelw1

    Asking why

    Hello, I was curious as to why X 10 only allowed two days for synapse to take place. And now it’s been disabled again.? What maintenance is being done at this time. I feel that the users of the service or should I say potentially newcomersAre being turned away.
  3. michaelw1

    Wordpress video using x10 Hosting Free

    Here is how to use Wordpress on x10 free Enjoy the video . If you have question post them here.
  4. michaelw1

    Domain Email

    How do you set up your domain in the direct admin panel without crashing your site?
  5. michaelw1

    Here to help.

    Hello, my name is Michael and I’m here to help as a volunteer for X 10 hosting in any form or capacity that I can. Right now I am just observing at this time. Helping out with basic questions. Also been keeping up with the latest outages and information. I monitor the discord server on a regular...
  6. michaelw1

    page not found

    If you go to my website you get a page can not be reached message . Is this part of the outage?
  7. michaelw1


    I would like my domain email to go over to gmail . Anyway to set that up here?
  8. michaelw1

    Hosting service Question

    How come the service name is x10? But when you go in the panel under product is says infinity free When that is another hosting service and not x10 . Are you realy part of inifinty free/ifastnet ? It's had me scratching my head and wondering .
  9. michaelw1

    Problem logging onto account

    I can't login also
  10. michaelw1

    ssl setup info

    Anyone have info on how to setup ssl using cloudflare?:)
  11. michaelw1

    Resolved Add on domain

    After you put in the DNS server settings and log into your panel. You try to put in your ad on domain and it does not work. I’ve tried this at least five or six times where the current domain I am using. I am currently pointed at another summer right now because of this issue and I cannot seem...
  12. michaelw1

    Resolved ssl request

    many websites are saying you have to go though your hosting ie you to get the ssl for your website . Is that the case ? I've tried cloud flare but they soon to be having some problems with keeping websites only i am enclosing a news report for you to read...
  13. michaelw1

    Resolved site can not be reached

    I'm getting a site can not be reached message when i try to access my site . Please help
  14. michaelw1

    Resolved Php Update Question

    I got a message on my website has a older version of php . How do you fix that screen shot enclosed
  15. michaelw1

    Resolved disk space Request update

    I just got the error message again . I have enclosed screen shots
  16. michaelw1

    Resolved Upgrade Question

    I was looking at your paid plan and would like to no what you get with each plan and do you office support by phone/chatroom?
  17. michaelw1

    Resolved disk space Request

    I would like some more disk space please. I current your the following so far Disk Space 65.3 MB / 512 MB I got a alert telling to request more so here i am Feed Me some of the disk space food . Ha Ha
  18. michaelw1

    Resolved Error Message

    I've just installed wordpress on my domain and i get the following error message Anyinfo would help . Note the domain is currently on your namederver has of the typing of this post.Help Please and thank you
  19. michaelw1

    Resolved Wordpress Question

    Anyone out there having problems updating to verion 5.4.2 of word press everytime i've to it in testing on aback up service i use you get the white screen of death. comments please
  20. michaelw1

    Resolved Remove account

    Please remove my account with your service Thank you