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  1. digiblue

    Resource Limit Hit!

    get acquainted with free hosting limitations. There is no such thing as FREE any where. Imagine if you had a nice cake in your hands, you say its free in middle of a crowd. Every one will want a piece, but there is only 1 piece, so you will have to cut it in small chunks, and those are very...
  2. digiblue

    Resource Limit Hit!

    had same issue when i was working on site . online, now i use xampp instead. but the limit got lifted in less than 20minutes for me...
  3. digiblue

    Does X10Hosting's free/Standard plan consists Unlimited space and Bandwidth?

    Memory is quiet limited, hard to host dynamic scripts. I would only recommend static pages for free hosting, or everything would have been waste of time. If you want to host forums or big blog, then look for shared cheap hosting else where or buy premium. Just my experience with free hosts...