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  1. ZeptOr

    HELP! Reformatting my iPod

    I use my iPod as both an mp3 player and an external hardrive. I needed to put a file that was larger than 4 gigs on my iPod so I can transfer it to another computer, only the FAT32 format doesn't allow files over 4 gigs. So I tried reformatting it to NTFS but it was taking too long, so I...
  2. ZeptOr

    Contact Form

    I want to have a contact form for my website with the following fields: A name textfield A email textfield A message textbox and 4 radio buttons Then I want to have a button that would send the information in the above to my email address. I have no knowledge of coding outside of html and...
  3. ZeptOr

    Thickbox - movies

    Does anyone here have experience using Thickbox? I am having some trouble with it. I want .swf files to be viewable in Thickbox, but I'm not sure if you need to add any extra code, because the examples on the Thickbox website don't include a video example.
  4. ZeptOr

    Its been awhile

    Yup.. its been a good year almost since ive been on these forums or done anything with web design. Hopefully i can get back into it and finish my website. That'd be nice.
  5. ZeptOr

    New Splash and Video Page

    So it has been almost exactly one year since I touched my incomplete personal website. I decided that I was going to finish it these next 2.5 weeks since im off from school. I decided to design a simple new splash page located here: And then I started thinking of...
  6. ZeptOr

    A new idea, a new web design

    I've been messing around with this design lately, and I think that it is finally starting to turn out nicely. What do you guys think? Note: the "ducktape" font in the header was just some messing around with the pen tool in photoshop... I plan on...
  7. ZeptOr

    3ds Max question

    First off, does anyone here know anything about 3ds Max 8? I have had the program for awhile now and up until this point, I have never used it. What I want to know is how do you import a picture into a project? I am trying to make a beach scene and I want a cloud background. I have a jpeg...
  8. ZeptOr

    working on a new blog template

    My blog is going to be about running, so my template reflects that. It is still under developmen so I would like to hear your opinions:
  9. ZeptOr

    Good Music Editor?

    I am looking for a good, free or very cheap music editor. I want to get 5-7 different songs and combine them into one song with nice transitions and simple effects. I tried After Effects because I already have it but whenever I render the final mp3, it turns out a bit jumpy. So, any recommendations?
  10. ZeptOr

    Vanilla Ice Wig??

    Hey, I am looking for a place to buy a wige/mask/hair resembling that of vanilla ice.. the white rapper. Here's some pictures of his hair: I need it for a skit for my school by march 24th, so if anyone can find me a website that sells something that I could use for his hair, then I will...
  11. ZeptOr

    Some help on coding for a contact form

    I have two problems/questions regarding a contact form I am making using HTML and CSS 1) I have an image for the submit button, and when it is clicked it just opens up Outlook Express, ingoring the different inputs that I have. I want it to send the information gathered from a user from my...
  12. ZeptOr

    Putting a movie on your website

    For my website, I want to put the short animations I made using After Effects. They are between 5-15 seconds, and they are in quicktime (although I can change that) My question is this.. whats the best way to upload them? I mean, some of them are 10k, while others are 65k. How do I get that 65k...
  13. ZeptOr

    the Best Image displayer

    I have been searching for the best way to display a series of images for my website, and I have come across a couple of nifty sites. They are all cool, but I want your help on desiding which looks nicer, which has the slowest loading time, etc. GreyBox -
  14. ZeptOr

    border padding problem

    On a specific page of my website, I have a couple of thumbnails pictures that I want a padded border around. My CSS seems to work fine in Firefox, but not in IE. The URL is here: My CSS that i used to put the padded border is this: img.frame {...
  15. ZeptOr

    a small problem

    for some reason, in IE (but not in Firefox), when I sometimes use niftycorners, which is a way to get rounded corners without images, the table covers up my text for example, go here: right below "Welcome", there should be a paragraph of text, but...
  16. ZeptOr

    Picture display?

    What would be a good way to display a bunch of pictures? I could just have a bunch of thumbnails that link to a larger image, but I'm thinking that I could do better. Any suggestions?
  17. ZeptOr

    I cant access my website

    i am getting annoyed, its been like this for the last 2 days
  18. ZeptOr

    I just bought a domain...

    I just bought a domain from, what do I need to do in my cpanel so that instead of it is
  19. ZeptOr

    How do you get...

    How do you get a table to always be extended vertically so that it touches the bottom of the browser.. always?
  20. ZeptOr

    Code help

    Well, because I was not able to solve my problem on how to get a gradient transparent background working in IE, I decided to do something different. I want to have the background image show for Firefox users, but for IE users I want it to show nothing. How do I got about doing this?