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  1. 1erik1

    Remove Domain

    Very confused why I can no longer do this from the C-Panel, but I would like the following domain removed from my account please: Thank you!
  2. 1erik1

    Unable to add the domain name

    Hi, I am having serious trouble adding an Addon Domain to my account. Account Name: fresht12 Domain: NameCheap is my domain provider, and 2 days ago I added the x10nameservers as my name severs. However, every time I try to add the domain to my website I am getting the...
  3. 1erik1

    Error Establishing a Database Connection

    Hi, I recently installed wordpress to the url and I am getting an error message when I now try to access it, " Error establishing a database connection" Is this a common issue and is there something I can do to solve it?
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    Thanks for the freehosting of my website x10.
  5. 1erik1

    Cheapest or FREE Domain Registration Site??

    Hello everyone. A few years ago held a promotion where it was free to register a .com domain name as long as you had a credit card. (after one year they charged out the ass if you didn't cancel or switch providers). I also know godaddy at one point had a coupon making .com domains...
  6. 1erik1

    .com -> my site help

    Hi I just bought a domain at Yahoo! Small Business, and I don't know how to set it up. I changed the name servers to and and changed my main domain name in the control panel. Is there something else I have to do? or is the request just not going through...
  7. 1erik1

    Account Terminated.. Make a new one?

    Hey my acount was terminated due to innactivity. I want to make a new one, but it won't let me use my email address because its been used before. I try to login with that email address, it won't work. I guess I could sign up with a separate email address, but what am I supposed to do in this...
  8. 1erik1

    Live Stream Wall

    Hey I'm in need of something and was wondering if anyone knew something close to or exactly like what im looking for. I want a sort of wall post for my site, that does not require login and updates without you having to reload the page, with a text box and an imput button at the top.
  9. 1erik1

    restrict access to a page unless from...

    hey can anyone teach me how to restrict access to a webpage, let's say, unless you are coming from whatever is the best way to do it I think i read somewhere about headers? but I am completely lost. unfortunately I have no points to dish out since I...
  10. 1erik1

    Help my School's Prom!!

    there is a website that lets people vote for schools across america and the winning school from each state gets $6,000 dollars for their prom. Right now we're far behind and I just found out about this yesterday, I made a quick and easy website to get more people to vote, and was hoping some...
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    EDITED QUESTION: about the 3gig RAM upgrade (from the 2gig) is it important to get the 800mhz instead of the 667mhz? Reason for asking is because I'm getting the XPS 630. And my budget my dad set is $1,450. If i get the E8400 and 3gigs of ram at 800mhz the total is 1,509 haha. If He'll let...
  12. 1erik1

    Free Capabilities

    How much can a free web hosting plan without advertising take? Like how many viewers, clicks, whatever. No downloadable content will be on the site, and not too many images. When would it be a good idea to upgrade to paid hosting and when would I know to do so? -Erik
  13. 1erik1

    learn php

    hi I want to learn how to use php. whats the best site/place to learn it? I understand html and some css, not javascript. Thanks, Erik
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    Hi I'm Erik Griffin, I just got a domain name and looked this site up on Looks great, and I can't wait for the new accounts to become activated. Hit my site up in about a week after the servers are back. I'm getting a .com later but don't know...