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    x13 Server

    My web site at will not open on the internet. I am on x13 server. I do not have any problems logging into DirectAdmin. I think I need an administrator to check into this problem, it has been ongoing for more than a week.
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    x13 Server

    Are there any problems with x13 Server? I have not been able to access my site, for the last few days. Wednesday. Waiting for a check on x13 server.
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    DA Password Guidelines

    What are the DA Guidelines for a password?
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    Where do you find which server you are on?
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    Update Information

    It has been three years now since Corey's last short update of plans for x10's freehosting. Are any projects in the works? Will any changes be implemented? How will the support system be rebuilt? Just a hello would help.
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    It's been two years since the last update by Corey. Isn't it about time for another?
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    It has been a year and a half since the last update pertaining to x10 services and plans. Can we expect an update soon?
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    Tomorrow will mark 6 months since Corey gave us an update on new and improved features for x10. An update on the progress, especially as related to upgrading web service and additional whitelisted countries.
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    Account Control Panel Link

    The Account Control Panel Link under Helpful Links at the top of the forum page is not working and has not worked for over a month.
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    Account Panel Access

    For the past few days I have not been able to log into the Control Panel for I receive the message "An error has occured" "Access denied"
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    Account Panel Access

    For the past several days, I have logged into the Account Portal, received the message that my login was successful and I was being transfered to my Control Panel. The machine whirls, so I am informed that the transfer can take a little time. Then I get the message that my request is taking...
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    Web Space

    My wife is interested in starting a web site. Although we have separate e-mail addresses we use the same IP. At times we use the same computers. Would it be a violation of the TOS for both of us to have a free account at x10?
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    Account Portal

    Place a link to the Account Portal under the "Important Links" heading on this forum. This will aid in logging into the Account Portal and may reduce the number of deleted accounts.
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    Community Support

    I may have missed something related to this question. Why are no problems showing under the Community Support tab? It seems that for the past several weeks, only question/answer window shows when I click on the Communisty Support tab. Kenny
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    Service Alerts

    A major cause of so many post from clients regarding their site being down and lost files, etc. is that the "Service Alerts" link gives you "Page Not Found" way too often.