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  1. george7004


    Basically I run servers for games.. but we have no members.... please sign up: and play our CS server we will have a CSS server, DOD server, Ragnarok server, and 2 legend of mir servers very soon please sign up, post alot, and have fun!
  2. george7004

    mySQL errors??? ........ the site was all fine but now it got this! and I cant access the mySQL section in the cPanel
  3. george7004

    Rate please

    rating is out of /10 also turn your speaker/headphone up so you can listen to the cool song! + if you like, please register on the forum
  4. george7004

    how to change footer in Invision Power Board?

    I want to put in the x10 ad code but I dont know which file controls it! please some1 can you plz tell me which file controls footer?
  5. george7004

    IPB config problem

    ok, I have a domain: and when I click log in, the url on the page shows how to make it so it will stay on
  6. george7004

    Domain issues

    when I go to my second domain and log into a user, instead of the "" it shows "" all DNS is proper and working.. but why does this not work? EDIT: I FIXED IT
  7. george7004

    Mmorpg Network Is Back! YUP THATS RIGHT! MMORPG-NET IS BACK! with private servers of LEGEND OF MIR 3 Legend of Mir 2, Ragnarok, and many more! Server will be up at christmas :D
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    Free domain name! sign up with real address! because if you dont you wont get all the offers..... your personal info is safe and is not shared anywhere you can visit their forums on their site. It has a link on the bottom right that says "forums" its a very good service and...
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    Gaming site

    Ok well I have a tiny game making buisness that Im making and I need help on design and also need help on a custom theme for php-nuke. So if your interested, PM me or reply to this thread.
  10. george7004

    Password change request

    e-mail= sub-domain=