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    Easy Credits

    i am looking nice non advert. articles about love(need 20), online games(need 20), site cretion (need 10), study lounge (need 10), home finance (10), poetry (20) ill pay 20 credits per article. search internet for these articles, min 5000 symbols. my offer only for exellent speaking peolples pm...
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    Great Link Exchange 3:1

    i create page "Links" on site "Understand It" so i will post 3 you links with descriptions and you place my one link on main page of you site (footer or sidebar) remark The description should be unique
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    How to promote?

    Planning to run the web-site with adult content. Anyone know how to promote adult sites? PS my adult site will not be hosted on x10 !!!
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    Buying place for text link

    buying text links to my site i will pay for placing my site`s text link from pages with Google PR 1 - 100 Credits Google PR 2 - 250 credits more PR pm Google PR 0 (but indexed by google pages) - 50 credits from any sites (second level domain) - 30 credits prices per month placing...
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    Make Two Themes(Styles)

    I am looking who make 2 themes for me. 1. for phpBB3 need style as my site vFreeMind ( possible to restyle&apply phpBB3 theme acidtech_tiger req. fixed width, same colors&images as in my site (i ll give some psd&css) correctly displaying in IE6&FF ----------------...
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    lost x10points and x10cash

    all my x10cash and a lot x10points was losted what happened? i want back my x10 points and cash
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    100 points to complete offer

    i need 12 refferals 100 pionts to complete above offer (its take 1.5 day ... needed install reseach panel [software without adware and viruses]) after comlete just remove this panel any counrties welcome, just to point country - US and any...
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    Html/CSS template (to rip) 1000 points

    i need html template my site ( for applying it to vB and to eSyndiCat. req. //----------------------------------------------------------------------// header -------- lef tpanel (with css menu) | right panel (content) -------- footer...
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    [req] English correct

    i have slogan in russian "Полет фантазии безграничен" need correct english translate from translator its "Flight of imagination is boundless" but i think its not fully correct "полет" - means "flying" "фантазии" - "imagination, fantasy mind, dreams" "безграничен" - "boundless, unlimited, )...
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    [sale] real hits for you site

    1. i sell my account with 673 unused hits (see - 100 points --------------------------------------------------------------- 2. account on anther site (6301 unused hits) - 1000 points (reason for selling - they not support .ru TLD)
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    Links exchange

    well i want to start in this thread link exchange in ring for 2 month site1>site2>site3>site1>.... req.: 1. honestly (dont remove link for all period or hide link ) 2. site must be with legal content 3. site must already crawled ()by google 3. place link on mostly pages (better on Indexed...
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    Unprofessianal service !!!

    i am using alot sites for traffic exchange (for promote my linkexchange page) and i want to tell you about one Unprofessional service !!! Its Unprofessional service They didnt add my page they Agreement here...
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    [req]Flash Intro (1600points)

    well, I reUp & redesigned my site and now i am looking flash intro on entrance page (~400x400px) something about animated sky, space, eve online theme, deep blue -red with my flying texts ------- i will pay 1600 points for liked me ready .fla :)
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    [REQ]Post Icons Pack for VBulletin

    i wantto replace post icons from standart some more better need icons: Post Thumbs up Thumbs down Wink Unhappy Angry Smile Cool Question Exclamation Arrow Music Video Lightbulb ------------------------- size 16x16, bg - transparent -------------------------------- 1 icon - 30 x10poins...
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    Website design

    i ll need pretty website template (html base + psd) theme: EVE Online width: 700px height: auto header: logo+banner space(468 x 60) h-navigation: via css ... not dhtml mainbody: 3 columns (in left column - v-css-navigation; right - hide if will empty) footer: another h-navigation...
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    welcome to test x10 top 100 ) ------------------------------- ) need you tests
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    You small help

    Send this address all those guys and make one click. It relaunch the site. This can really help kids. Unicef entered into a contract with Icq-corporation. Sending this message at least 10 people from your list (including me), would Unicef 5Euro in "Children in...
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    [REQ] 50 points for info

    i am looking 1. full info about multi forum scrits for smf (for creating forums hosting) - 50 points [i am lazy to use google ;)] 2. (mostly for mens who know chine lang ) resources with templates for MolyX 2.6.1 i will privide 50 points for one resurce with min. 3 templates (so more...
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    web mail

    someone collided with installation and using webmail? now i am use roundcubemail ( ) but also there is HiveMail what is better? or you know another better roundcubemail (not sqirrel and horde)
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    [REQ]Translate 65 strings

    I planning to expand a site( to make it multilang. Require to translate (in attached file) from english to following languages: French German Spanish (done) Arabian (done) Chinese --------------- 1 lang. - 100 points --------------- Pm me who will make it (possible 1...