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  1. reecehai

    Account Stuck Unsuspending

    When I log into x10 I see a suspension and the following: The Next Step We're removing the suspension now. Please standby and reload the page in 1 minute. It has been like this for over 24 hours. The only button available is to sign out. Yes, I have reloaded the page and signed in and out...
  2. reecehai

    Server Spam

    I've noticed a lot of sites that work via http, but do not with https. When you force https:// it takes you to an index page of strange pictures redirected from server: For example I have deleted my website so I have nothing hosted but going to the https version frame forwards...
  3. reecehai

    Account usage without a website

    I was having issues with my site so I deleted it (Wordpress) 2 days later without a site and this is my stats in cpanel, I don't understand why my usage is so high?
  4. reecehai

    Newer PHP versions

    Is there any info on when the newer PHP versions 7.2 / 7.3 will be available? Currently the highest I can see on x07 is php 7.1