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  1. wifiber

    AdSense Disabled-Invalid Activity?

    I got this email from Google Adsense, explaining that my account was disabled. Apparently this is probably the worst message you could receive from Google advertising and there is less than little chance of getting it recovered. The first part of the message reads: So basically this means...
  2. wifiber

    Can't Connect to MySQL server??

    First off, I have this forum with free hosting. It uses MyBB forum software, for what it's worth, and this issue just started today. When anyone tries to go to the site, this error comes up: Doesn't this error simply mean that MySQL isn't running on the server itself? Can I do anything to fix...
  3. wifiber

    Error 28 From Storage Engine?

    Firstly, I am on the "Lotus" server with free hosting. I keep getting an error: "MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue. Got error 28 from storage engine" This means that the disk is just full or temporarily "unwritable" doesn't it? This only happens for a minute, if...
  4. wifiber

    Setting Up Web Seed or Seed Box With X10 - Yes or No?

    I know when people think of torrents they think of piracy, but I am just talking about torrents in general... Not illegal content. Is it possible to set up a dedicated web seed with x10hosting? If yes, is it allowed by the x10hosting terms of service/use to do so? ---------- Post added at...
  5. wifiber

    Max File Size Upload (FTP)?

    I have searched the forum already but I keep seeing some other irrelevant posts with similar wording. I just want to know what the max file upload file size is if I am uploading from an FTP client? Also, is there a way to adjust or change this limit?