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  1. cjptomas80

    Disk Quota exceeded warning, yet I seem to have enough space

    maybe you used up all available inode regardless of space you have.
  2. cjptomas80

    Can't login

    Thanks , I can login now
  3. cjptomas80

    Can't login

    Trying to login just giving me an error code "EC55B8F79737890EE". Same problem on this thread.
  4. cjptomas80

    x10hosting links and display on mobile display

    Your to close this thread?
  5. cjptomas80

    x10hosting links and display on mobile display

    Using Mobile phone the information is unreadable in some areas of the front page as shown on screen shot provided. Discord invite inside the login/panel area is not valid.
  6. cjptomas80

    Important IS DNSSEC available?

    I enable mine thru Cloudflare DNS since I am using it on x10hosting (not using the free subdomain). Or turn back into Google Domains DNS and use it name server then copy your x10hosting DNS setting to it. just like cloudflare. ( I don't know if it works)
  7. cjptomas80

    Resolved Not secure.

    maybe you should add another ip address of x10hosting edge server to spf txt dns. mine is "v=spf1 a mx ip4: ip4: -all" where ip4: is where my website host and ip4: is the email server of...
  8. cjptomas80

    Resolved Having issues with site

    Wait for the staff for a reply as this is out of community members capable of helping. You can also check this updated announcement from the the staff.
  9. cjptomas80

    Resolved Having issues with site

    Try to be specific as possible on what issues your currently experiencing.
  10. cjptomas80

    Joomla admin account being hacked again

    It doesn't matter to them anyway. All they want is administrator access then insert their code on your site for their own purposes. I have seen a lot of my emails spam folder using the exploit site to do their malicious activity.
  11. cjptomas80

    How To's...

    1. As far as I know, you can't delete the Default Email address it is tied to your username account. (example username default-email:, 2. Wait for the staff to reply. 3. there's a reply in your previous post.
  12. cjptomas80

    Unable to access my account

    Are you sign-up for a new account? Sign-ups have been temporarily closed until further notice from the staff due to it may create a new problem on top of currently fixing post-migration.
  13. cjptomas80

    Restore Backup

    try to check first your DNS settings if you are using a custom domain not provided by x10hosting. These settings didn't migrate automatically unless you're using x10hosting nameservers. In case of backups related to migration, wait for the staff for a reply.
  14. cjptomas80

    ssl setup

    This is mostly for a VPS equivalent or greater. And that is not available to do this on free shared hosting. As of this post there no SSL related configuration provided on DirectAdmin to change any SSL certificate. This will change in the future depending on the x10hosting staff.
  15. cjptomas80

    How to delete / cancel account

    Don't use it (free hosting account) for at least 30 days and it will be deleted automatically due to inactivity. But the forum account will stay. This probably can request to delete too.
  16. cjptomas80

    Safer Internet Day

    There a staff post from @Anna that they testing it but not sure it will be implemented on the free server.
  17. cjptomas80

    Trash my account

    Just don't use the account or login to and wait for it to expire due to inactivity. I don't know if the staff can do this for you directly but you shouldn't create another thread for this and try to bump it instead. He had already a post with the same thread...
  18. cjptomas80

    Setting up email Forwarding with custom name servers

    I use Gsuite Legacy Free Edition for my emails so I reroute all emails to GSuite MX template on DNS Manager of Cloudflare. I didn't know Google Domains got an email service too. It is really included or just an add-on service? All I know is Google Domain is a Domain Registrar.
  19. cjptomas80

    Setting up email Forwarding with custom name servers

    I didn't think about the park domain/pointer domain regarding on its emails. Thanks for the information.