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  1. rmsx10ho

    x10 user url change request

  2. rmsx10ho

    request: disc space increase

    Hi, Howdy and G'day.. May I get the next size up disc increase please? (that will do me for a very goodly long time) Thanking you from the top of my Down Under (Aussie) Heart, Rodney. :)
  3. rmsx10ho

    CMOD 755 775

    Hi, my SMF folder needs to be at least 775, but it keeps reverting back to 755 in the cPanel file manger. SMF's htaccess forbids scripts running from that folder. Is it possible to have it 775 please? Thank you, Rodney.
  4. rmsx10ho

    SMF attachmnets folder wont 775

    Hi all, newbie here...sorry in advance if this has already been answered elsewhere. I'm trouble shooting why SMF forum (v1.1.21) can't upload to the attachments directory... /public_html/ From the cPanel file manger, I've tried setting the attachments folder...