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  1. rmsx10ho

    x10 user url change request

  2. rmsx10ho

    Review the Design of our Website

    Going by their name serve details they aren't X10 customers.
  3. rmsx10ho

    Can't connect to local MySQL server...

    It's not just you. Same here for 13+ hours - data base error email alerts started coming through from 3:25am Australian time. (wordpress) (mybb forum) ( index page works as it's doesn't require mysql.)
  4. rmsx10ho

    Site not showing Nothing

    There is no such thing as "hell".
  5. rmsx10ho

    Clean install of WP can't login too many requests

    I thought it might have been something to do with SSL ;)
  6. rmsx10ho

    Clean install of WP can't login too many requests

    I've only ever done full Cloudflare DNS setups, so I'm no help on that. While trouble shooting... I'd go to Cloudflare and pause everything x10 cPanel >> myPHPadmin >> wp_settings >> change https to http Have a coffee or vap while Cloudflare wiggles around like a wet mullet catching up...
  7. rmsx10ho

    Clean install of WP can't login too many requests

    All good. Make sure you re-name your plugins folder back to 'plugins' as well.
  8. rmsx10ho

    Clean install of WP can't login too many requests

    Dang, I had the same error three hours ago. Might not be related but... I did a fresh manual install of wordpress three hours ago at All good, all working. I have Cloudflare SSL running on the main domain. So I went into WP settings and changed the site url http to...
  9. rmsx10ho

    Clean install of WP can't login too many requests

    Odd that I can see the site, thus the host isn't blocking pubic view of it. Anything stopping your login into it would be WP related, not the host. I could be wrong though. Rename the plugins folder to something like "plugins-off" (that will disable them all) Clear your browser catch, refresh...
  10. rmsx10ho

    Clean install of WP can't login too many requests

    I'd FTP to your WP install directory and delete the plugin folder to do with 'Cachewall'
  11. rmsx10ho

    Login to control panel takes forever is fine to me in Australia.
  12. rmsx10ho

    Login to control panel takes forever

    What, only a 30 second wait for something that is free? :eek: Being down under, I usually have to wait 50 seconds for something that is free :p
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    Please help - Change Mx Records

    You left out a step between 2 and 3 What setting did you pick for "Email Routing" I could be wrong here, but I'd pick Remote Mail Exchanger. Personally, I'd forget using email on the domain host, and just set up an email account on the web-host server which auto does all that for lazy me. :)
  14. rmsx10ho

    Need help forwarding registered domain name

    In cPanel, 'PARK' the domain. My is 'parked' on Your domain hosts DNS settings need to point to X10's DNS
  15. rmsx10ho

    Domain Does Not Exist

    all good ;)
  16. rmsx10ho

    Domain Does Not Exist

    So the test.html works on the domain name. Re-direct issue somewhere. I'm presuming you never went into cPanel and manually created a redirect in the domains area. Cranky WP security plugins can screw things up sometimes. Have you checked the .htaccess file for any odd looking redirect info...
  17. rmsx10ho

    Domain Does Not Exist

    You using cloudflare and their SSL? If so I'd turn it off while trouble shooting.
  18. rmsx10ho

    Domain Does Not Exist

    So you've edited the wp-config (which means the WP files are still on the host) and manually checked the database _options siteurl, home .. well there's not much more from the host side. Open note pad and type "hello snarky world" :p in it, then save the file as test.html and upload it to your...
  19. rmsx10ho

    Resource Limit Reached despite stating unlimited bandwidth and storage!!

    Really? BS!! You just had to have the last dig. What an ungrateful person you are. I see the forum on your spectacular out of the box sports theme WP, has zero members. I'll join later and take this convo up there. :rofl:
  20. rmsx10ho

    I can´t configurate my email acount in google

    You're not being clear enough on what you're doing...which email? 1. You have Gmail email and you can't configure Gmail in Google? (that's Googles issue) 2. You have and want to add it at Google? 3. You have myname@mydomain (hosted on X10) and want to set it up on Google...