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  1. gto286

    Why my acont is suspended :(

    please excuse the last. i finally got access to everything again took some doing and a few support tickets aperintly i was trying to get back on during some down time or something and i was banging my head against a wall :eek4: buy hey! it's all good now!!
  2. gto286

    Which Operating System do you prefer?

    Hi. well on the Question. i like xp. i even had it on here but honestly i really like windows 2000 series. i'm running win server 2003. at the moment and i really like it :biggrin:
  3. gto286

    Would you give up cPanel for better uptime?

    i agree it's tied together.. but for me at this time of posting i can't even gain access to mine..
  4. gto286


    Welcome Aboard! :lupie:
  5. gto286

    Why my acont is suspended :(

    hi. mine has been on suspended all day. i been logged on here several times today and it's still this way. i dunno what's up?:dunno: hell i can't even get on my cpanel i even wanted a reset and haven't got the mailer to do that as yet like wth????:rant2:
  6. gto286

    YO! from Cali

    thanks man! apreciate it :cool:
  7. gto286

    YO! from Cali

    hi ya' from california usa. :fingersx:
  8. gto286

    x10 Radio - Now hiring DJ's!

    sure sounds good to me. i'm interested. i dj already once a week at another place i have a wide variety of tunes a-z at well..... alot i say many gigs... from 1950 - 2008
  9. gto286

    Best Free SiteBuilder?

    well i use MS frontpage with my office 2003 i have publisher aswell but that program ain't all that good with frontpage you can edit the page desis as your looking at it and also design it with the code area or split screen. it also has preview. i also use notepad and wordpad alot laterz gto :cool:
  10. gto286

    x10 forum attendance sheet

    copy this and add you name like neteater gto286:cool: