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  1. AJradio

    [500CR] YuGiOh CSS

    Hi, I am making a clan site ( and we have 2 parts, a halo and a Yugioh one. I took care of the halo one myself, and cannot find a YuGiOh CSS for a website So, if you make me a CSS Template, with images, and i like it, 500 credits to you my friend!
  2. AJradio

    Game: Ban the Person above you!!!!!!!!!!!

    I ban ichwar for using a LINUX penguin!
  3. AJradio

    Error message

    Yeah. I typed that in, and went to google. I clicked the link, and a 404 came up. I checked the cached page... Hosting Account Suspended Your account has been suspended by the administration. For more information, click the button below. Were you doing anything against the ToS...
  4. AJradio

    Websites down

    Ha, I was about to say what the guy above me said. Try that, because Im running right now through a 56K modem, and it worked. It took me a minute to load though...
  5. AJradio

    Umm... Multiples of 1 item on SMF

    Well, Stupid me wasn't paying attention to what I was doing, and got like 5 of the same link on my board index. Shop Mod 3.0 EDIT -> Fixing it! I just need to go to the uninstall page, find the files it modifies, and manually take out the 5 extra codes :)
  6. AJradio


    Yeah, I've tried to embed players, they always fail though, i'll try again though. thanks!
  7. AJradio


    Hi. Is there anything I can fix on my site? ** KNOWN ISSUES ** Broken Links in the index at the top Pictures page is off-scale
  8. AJradio

    [Easy] How to insert ads in B2Evolution Blog

    Hi, In this tutorial, I will show you how to put ads in B2evolution. 1st, you will need the ad code. Next, go to http://yoursite/blogdirectory/admin.php Go ahead and log in if you haven't already. 2nd, you will need to do this for ALL blogs. Go to the widgets options for your blogs...
  9. AJradio

    Link Exchange -=- Internet Radio/Music

    Lol, sorry man, its I changed it :P If u have an IM, add me
  10. AJradio

    500 Internal Server Error

    Hi, Um..... I installed SMF 1.1.7 on It installed right and everything, I tried to add a package, and got a 500 error. I tried a different package, and got the same thing. I went to my cpanel logs, and got these for what I was doing. [Sat Nov 15 20:22:25 2008] [error]...
  11. AJradio

    Domain Transfer Email Problem

  12. AJradio

    Domain Transfer Email Problem

    Hi, I previously had, but moved it to My Cpanel says i'm using 7 email accounts, but really i'm using 4. I checked the list, and I still had email addresses from, and I have addresses from I try to delete the...
  13. AJradio

    Stoli Transfer

    UGH!! It got knocked off The Server load was at 24.90 and then Apache went offline. Good luck rebooting stoli! (not)
  14. AJradio

    Forum game <King of the hill>

    But, adamlinux didn't know I had an android. I sneak up behind adamlinux as he rips my androids hair out and beat him to death with a piece of cheese I claim hill
  15. AJradio

    Forum game <King of the hill>

    Well... I get in a banshee and fly over cased. I jump out of the banshee 40 feet away. Cased doesn't see the banshee and it lands on him. I put a frag right next to his head. BOOOOOOMMMMM!!! My Hill :D
  16. AJradio

    Count to 1 Million

    568 pointless posts Dont we already have this game somewhere else 0.o
  17. AJradio

    Game: Ban the Person above you!!!!!!!!!!!

    i ban cased for being alive!
  18. AJradio

    Forum Game <Wish>

    GRANTED but then obama taxes everything you own and the IRS arressts you :P I wish for a lenevo thinkpad x60
  19. AJradio

    Stoli Server - Cannot Access Images

    Hi, I'm on the stoli server. I have a .css file that requires image loading in it. It is by default, /images/IMAGE I uploaded my images, the pages, and the css file into the public_html folder. I go to the page on my browser and the images dont load, when I try to go to one manually, i get...