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    x10's free servers

    Simple question on x10 free is the server move finished yet?
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    php mail/contact form

    I have tried both making and downloaded templets that have a contact form in them and still i can't receive any emails when i test them out i'm on x10's free hosting the form says it sends but when i check for emails there's nothing. I have used both gmail address and at x10's elementfx account...
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    uploads using filezilla

    I'M trying to upload wordpress 3.4 using filezilla and it keeps after about 300 files it keeps saying "all files transfered" and i know not all of them are. Can someone help please. Thanks
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    public folder

    Hi, I'M new to website prorgramming i'm using filezilla to upload my site but i can't access the public folder i can't even see it in filezilla. How can i access it using filezilla? Thanks