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    Ecommerce CMS

    Anyone had to build a Full Ecommerce website w/ shopping cart? What is the best Free ecommerce cms? I am currently using Open Cart. Maybe there is something better. How about Magento, Prestashop, Digistore, Zen Cart, osCSS.
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    Linux Mint

    Besides Ubuntu, has any of you programmers tried Linux Mint? If you did, any feedback? I am restoring a older computer and plan to install Linux again. I used to have a dual boot windows/linux. Switched to windows because of the software available. But I do miss running Linux. So plan to have...
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    Php ide

    I currently use Netbeans for my PHP projects. Is there anything better? Looking for: 1) Free or low cost. 2) Editable syntax color/fonts. 3) Code hints/completion. 4) Display line errors. 5) Debugging. Or maybe for the price, I should stay w/ Netbeans. I can live w/ the slow startup...
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    Uninstall CMS

    How do you uninstall a CMS (Xoops)? I checked the videos, and it shows you installation, but I need to uninstall. I looked around the software icons in CP and did not find any uninstall.
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    Great Host

    I have tried a few free hosts and X10 rocks. Great cPanel, fast support, and forums looks outstanding. Have a nice week!
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    403 Forbidden Error

    When I log into my URL I get this 403 Forbidden - "You don't have permission to access on this server." But when I type in the index.html after the URL the website comes up. How can this be corrected?