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    Simple htaccess RegEx

    This has got to be simple, but for some reason I'm running into problems. :nuts: Trying to redirect links like the following: That match /dirtwo/dirthree/ To
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    htaccess mod_rewrite help

    I have a couple websites on my server. Problem is that I can get to them by going to: hostsite.tld/secondsite/ How do I redirect this to: secondsite.tld Second, I don't want WWW on secondsite.tld. I Googled and tried many variations with no luck. If I go to the main page, it works. But if I...
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    Any good racing games for the PC? I'm a fan of the Gran Turismo series, so anything that comes close would be nice.:cool: Also, what are you looking forward too being released this year?
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    Cheap RAID1?

    Well I was going to get a WD MyBook Mirror (1TB), but someone told me about WD's bad history (power on and failure rates etc.)... So now I'm looking at the LaCie 2big Dual (1TB). Anything I should know about LaCie? Also, is $210 too much for a RAID 1 setup? Looks like if I buy an external...
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    Search Engine

    Can't seem to find what I'm looking for... Say I have hundreds of files on my site available to visitors. Currently, most of these are categorized in general on pages (html) and are usually just descriptive links (not the full URL on the page). Like: site.bleh/directoryB/Louisiana08.rar Would...
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    Hash? Or something similar..,

    Maybe I'm looking for something entirely different... I want to take a long alphanumeric string, toss it into something like MD5 and have it spit out 32 characters (more or less). However, I want to be able to convert it back to the original... Is this possible? :nuts:
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    Image Hosting

    I would like to use something similar to the server status sig people use around here... Basically, PHP modifying an image stored on my x10 account to be used on a few forums. Not a service available to the public, just me. Now I remember reading something about image hosting, and was...