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    Where do you live?

    i live in The netherlands. The smalest land/countery in the world:) but we are the craziest.^^ or am i only crazy.
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    Count to 1 Million

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    Forum Skin Vote

    I choose for Vuel because the way of the style of that theme with the color bleu and with. so i voted for Vueul
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    How many times a day do you...

    Eat? : 3-4 when i am realy hungru 5 Go to the toilet? depens on my healt. Use facebook? never do not have facebook account Use x10forums? 5 time a day Check your e-mail? 8 times a day.
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    looks good but remove the iframe you use on your website. Also this is in the wrong section.
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    Programs you use to manage your site...

    I use FireFTP Client for uploading my files. And i use Context to code my website and for the grahics i use Photoshop.:biggrin:
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    Which is best free forum software? PHPBB3,SMF,AEF,XMB,Mybb

    phpbb3 is the best free forum software because it is easy to work with and also every popular. But AEF is a new forum software and i have try it and that one is also easy to work with but so phpbb3 wins of the AEF and the rest for my. I yust love phpbb:biggrin:
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    The best site I ever Surfed!

    My site of the moment is; ofcourse the place to upload you art and design grahics. there is also a other website that is for my the website of the moment but that website is about music called masters of hardcore.
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    Insturmental Vs Techno Music

    i don't like them both i am n ot into that kind of music. i like these kind of music listed below: 1: Hardcore. 2:Terror. 3:Darkcore. 4:Hardstyle. and that kind of music but not Insturmental and Techno
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    Which Operating System do you prefer?

    i prefer Windows XP because i think that is the best Operating System of Windows. But i can not say anything about the other Operating System like mac or leaperd. because i never have use them only sa some pivture of it.:biggrin:
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    Runescape-Good or Boring?

    Well i have pplayed runescape when i was in school the first few levels are funn but if after a while it's getting boring and boringer so i qeut. You should try WoW:biggrin:
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    20 credits to Register

    I signed up under Mind-Designers and used the link that you have in your post.
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    Get 10 credits for 5 second work

    Voted for yes
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    When do you sleep at night.

    Re: How do you sleep at night. i sleep between 12 AM to 3 AM.
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    How do you came to know about x10?

    i have foud this x10hosting on google when i was looking for a free webhosting and then i found this one.
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    Beat this...

    Here is mine speedtest: Can't complain about that! Also have done a Ping Test Yust for fun:
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    Count to 200

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    How many hours do you sleep??

    I only sleep max 2 hours a night. and sometimes i sleep like 3 hours a night.
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    Gotta See Video

    The link is death.
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    Free Wordpress Themes -shared by- Best WP Themes

    Very nice WP Themes . I like it.