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    having trouble getting css page to upload to live page

    It should be <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="insert link here" />
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    phpMyAdmin hangs

    You can always use mysql workbench
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    Penny a day?

    You should be able to find that here. Then click on [ Open cPanel ] then at the top of the page - click on [ Upgrades and Support ] then pick your upgrade....
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    Https link giving error

    Why don't you just use instead? Seems to be working. If you want to make sure no more links are regular http, put this into your headers. <meta http-equiv="Content-Security-Policy" content="upgrade-insecure-requests"> More info: CSP: upgrade-insecure-requests -...
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    "The requested URL has reached its request limit"

    I think what you want is something like this.
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    Confused about the TOS about personal file hosting.

    I think what matters is if you host those mods (no matter how many) and they start to get 200 plus downloads a day or more, that's when they may notify/warn you. Plus if the majority of your site is downloads vs content... that could be another red flag. If what you're aiming to do is create a...
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    phpMyAdmin Extremely slow

    You have to click his username and then click "start a conversation". If he asked you to PM him, then do it. He asked you to for a specific reason.
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    Do I need x10infinity or better?

    Well about my site, it runs vbulletin 4. I don't have varnish or any server side cache setup that I know of. I notice that it * uses under 200 mb of ram (most of the time I believe it's around 140 mb) * Is now around 700 UV's/day (out of a expected 2K/day) * uses 1-4 percent cpu on average *...
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    Do I need x10infinity or better?

    Almost a whole week without a single reply even though I've seen staff looking at this thread? Did I miss something? Is x10hosting dead nowadays?
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    Do I need x10infinity or better?

    Alright, my old free host told me the other day that my site is receiving 5K apache requests with 700 Unique Views per day? My site is expected to hit 2000 UV's per day like it did before I switched domains btw & lost traffic... So what plan on x10 would be the best to accommodate this? I...
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    Safe browser

    If you like you should check out this forums "security configuration" area. Where people share & rate other peoples security setups.
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    Safe browser

    Ouch, didn't bother searching for that, in that case I say chrome with addons.
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    Looking for a nice Static html CMS.

    Well I'm not quite looking for another forum software as the signup ratio was pretty low. I was thinking of going with this layout which I made but converting the content to it and adding to it (manually creating & pasting a template into files) presented an issue. (this is a different theme...
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    Safe browser

    There is only one that I would pick if I were worried about browser security. Comodo Dragon Browser.
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    Looking for a nice Static html CMS.

    Hmm so I can't just jump in it & create new pages, if not, thats a negative..? Is it available in scriptaculous or easy to install without ftp? Due to the nature of them, cheat sites tend to have thousands of pages, so can it manage templates sitewide? I was using vbulletin 4 but I'm not so...
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    Looking for a nice Static html CMS.

    I'm looking for a nice cms that can handle static, semi static html based webpages if that makes any sense. Here is a markup I did a long time ago of what what be optimal. Being able to easily color in the sections would be great as well. I'm having a look at some cms but haven't made up my...