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  1. kyuusei as main domain, would like to remove it for standard x10hosting subdomain

    As the titles says, I have a as main domain, would like to remove it for standard x10hosting subdomain.
  2. kyuusei

    Positioning/Aligning Banner with Background Image

    Hey guys I need some help with my website: Now depending on what browser you use, the banner may or may not line up with the background image like in the screenshot below: I've tried to use various iterations of CSS tweaks but this still happens...
  3. kyuusei

    Restored Account (Apache Problem)with wrong account type

    My account was restored after having the Apache problem. Now, it shows up as adfree with 300mb of disk space and 10gb of bandwidth. I had paid for the 2x double bandwidth and disk space promotion, and previously had 1.2gb disk space and 40gb bandwidth. My cPanel is also ridden full of errors...
  4. kyuusei

    Apache page too.

    Same as the others, Apache page, no Cpanel. cPanel: Kyuusei Domain: Parked Domain: Email:
  5. kyuusei

    Aviation Photography - How does my site stack up? I wanted the site to be simple so as to focus attention to my photography, rather than graphics or text. I'm not too sure about the flash galleries I have right now, but I'm in being lazy and Adobe Lightroom's auto export flash gallery function was easier to...
  6. kyuusei

    AWstats not recording

    As the title states, AW stats for hasn't been recording since the 24th of May. Edit: .....Bump....
  7. kyuusei

    Unable to access website

    Okay, I'm having serious trouble with my site. It and its associated CPanel drops offline at random intervals. I have asked friends on other networks and ISPs to try and which I've previously parked and neither of them work the former...
  8. kyuusei

    Unable to redirect parked domain

    I've set as my primary domain and successfully (as in it shows up) parked But when I try to redirect it to it tells me the redirect is saved, yet when I return to the Parked Domain page in CPanel, nothing has changed and...
  9. kyuusei

    Keeping .x10hosting domain?

    I wish to change my primary to,yet keep the old domain as a parked domain. Is that possible?
  10. kyuusei

    Error while changing domain

    I tried to change my domain to and the system gave me the error below: An Error Has Occurred Whoops, it appears that there was an error modifying your domain. The errors are listed below. Whm error: account package id no longer exists in the panel. (code...
  11. kyuusei

    Fox 1 Photography

    Fox 1 Photography It's been a LONG time since I've done any website building so it's mostly bastardized html/css with some flash. Constructive criticisms would be appreciated, particularly in layout.
  12. kyuusei

    Yo Yo!

    Yo! I've just set up a website through x10hosting, and I'd thought it would be nice to say hi. :biggrin: