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    Security Certificate expired

    My free site has been working fine for ages. Last year I saw the option to apply a security certificate so opted to do that. However, in the last few days people accessing my site are getting a security warning as it appears the security certificate expired on 23 Feb 2020. I...
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    Email problem

    I've had an x10 account for years and generally never had many problems. My website has a contact form which generates an email to my Gmail address and I recently found that although the form appeared to be working (it gives the 'form sent successfully' message when you press the send button) I...
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    Problem after recent change over

    Hi Following emails from x10, my site has recently been changed over to a site on However, now my wordpress site does not appear correctly - text is there but no proper formatting etc. and I can't log in as before. Has anyone had the same problem and any suggestions as to the...
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    Please unsuspend my account

    I thought I had reactivated my account before Christmas - the account suspension history suggests all is well. However, in practice I can't access my website and a notice comes up saying it is suspended. Can you fix it please. V
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    Can't login to cpanel

    I can't login to to my cPanel at for some odd reason. I'm sure i'm using my correct username and password - which enable me to access my account pages ok. Any suggestions please? V
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    Can't access my website

    Can you help please? For some strange reason I cannot access my website Whichever browser I use, I now seem to get an error message (worked fine a couple of days ago). Is your server down perhaps? If so, how can I tell this from the control panel which shows...