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  1. Sakimabear

    Getting Error 503 Backend fetch failed

    Are you upgrading the server or is it something else? Just started about :15 ago. Thanks
  2. Sakimabear

    Am I the only one who noticed this?

  3. Sakimabear

    Question for the community

    Is Cloudflare a positive service to add to the hosting? Thank you
  4. Sakimabear

    Question to admins and moderators

    IS there a way to acquire and banned domain? There is one, I would like to add to my account just not sure how or if even possible. Thanks Sakimabear
  5. Sakimabear

    Unusual item

    I just logged into my cpanel and it said that I have only used .07MB used but in reality I have used 257MB. Very unusual. Just bringing this to the mods attention.:confused: Thank you
  6. Sakimabear

    Happy Turkey Day to all!!

    Just wanted to wish the community a great and stomach filling Thanksgiving. Sakimabear
  7. Sakimabear

    Someone correct me if I am wrong

    It is OK to add a couple of Javascript RSS feeds to my site. I think so, just wanting to be sure. Thank you community
  8. Sakimabear

    Any problem with cpanel?

    Have logged in several times today to get to cpanel/portal. It stops with the : Sign in Successful Please standby while transfer you to your web hosting account. Initializing.. Please keep me advised with the issues. Thank you
  9. Sakimabear

    Another DNS propagation question

    I am trying to add a domain to my account. I do have the DNS correct, my registrar tech support. Been waiting on propagation. I did a NS lookup on to see what I may find, now this I don't understand: DNS server handling your query: DNS server's address...
  10. Sakimabear

    Question for the Community Moderators

    First thank you for the disk space upgrade! But was funny as you did that my disk usage more than doubled and it's all in "Other Usage" files. Is that my backup or is it something else. If it is my backup, where can I delete it from. I keep 2 local copies and don't need a backup at this time. My...
  11. Sakimabear

    Hosted by X10Hosting Graphic

    Is there a graphic I can add to my site saying that X10 is hosting my site and hopefully send them here?
  12. Sakimabear

    A little rules clarification, please

    I understand that there is a "media" total of 1G on the free servers. From what I had read, that is videos & graphics. I would like to put up a site that has both a)Flash Gaming and b) Public Domain Old Time Radio Shows (.mp3 format). My question is is the 1G limit on each item or both total. If...