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  1. marley17

    ssl proxy

    i donnot use them because of their adds .. lolz. however , i use and to bypass some sites.and a vpn service from
  2. marley17

    how accurately does "google analytics" track your traffic?

    tittle explain it well .. also im assuming that all of us had excluded our IP's that generates hits and etc. Can you name what free softwares that you use that is good/better or the same as google analytics does?
  3. marley17

    what CMS does this site is using?

    ah sorry i didnt put the "/en" at the end. .. sometimes it is useful for novice. the meta generator in wordpress can hidden same true with joomla.and it is possible only to read the head or in the body.however,.as you can see it is not just the brand of cms you are using but also the ip address...
  4. marley17

    what CMS does this site is using?

    Ever been to a beautiful website? wondered what content management they are using? are you tired of reading the source code to identify it? then check this out my friend
  5. marley17

    What is your typing speed!

    thats all i got..hehehe
  6. marley17

    hi..from newbie.. review my site

    i think we all have something in common. lolz. ads , ads ,more ads, .. hehe .. what was the site anyways?
  7. marley17

    Please Review my Tech Blog

    i know content first before design .. but since you have the content .. look for better design..if you did use themejunkie i would choose the gadget theme. but thats just a personal choice. however, i suggest to look for a more seo friendly template , google is your friend.
  8. marley17

    Cannot login to Account Panel

    i think theirs still updating the database since we have same issue. i will not create a new thread now seeing your post.. i thought i was logging in a different site from the first place in having issues in the login. lolz.but patience is a virtue. what im more afraid of is they stop their...
  9. marley17

    real newbie help needed !!!!

    did you use the add on domain or put it directly in your control panel? cause if you use the add on domain , your domain is in a subfolder. the directory will be -- home/public_html/ your script or html here) .. put your index.html in that folder if its just a html...
  10. marley17

    Slow Page Loading Speeds

    its not your fault in short.. there is just some errors into the server hosting that are using the stoli server experiencing this issue
  11. marley17

    500 interval error

    getting this issue since x10 upgraded to cpanel 11.. now for 3days i kept my silence , try to wait for the issue to be fix by the admins but please take a look at the configuration in free hosting server cause its turns out to be a bug anymore.. im getting more error and cant edit my site...
  12. marley17

    what is the worst virus you've had?

    probably worst ive seen is the virus that can delete your drive where your OS is installed.. genius right? but i cant post the code here since its very dangerous. just do a research for yourself.. another one is i forget the name but it all hides your files and you have to pay to be able to open...
  13. marley17


    softaculous is the the best feature of the x10hosting. very easy for beginner,i like the fact that you can change your database prefix which comes handy to protect yourself from script kiddies,
  14. marley17

    CO.CC: How do you set this up?

    go to and navigate to manage account - from there add the dns of x10hosting which was given by boss is the best ..go back to x10hosting - login to your account - add your domain name to your cpanel which is located in domain tab .choose the addon domain and add your without...
  15. marley17

    My Last Thread

    sure you'll be back .. 5 or more years from now. well remember you :D.hehehee
  16. marley17

    Tutorials Website

    i agree with the favicon and buzz this button - its just dont match your theme which is good .. i am not into techies stuff so i dont have anything to offer about anything related to writing. however i am good researcher .. lol .. you can check for ideas on this site which is my favorite site...
  17. marley17

    tell me the name

    jason statham ... lolz. really impossible to tell..if will be if he is one of my relative or so..
  18. marley17

    How do you film wat u r doing on computer? does it require a webcam? :(

    if you want a good recording screen with a lot built in feature .. use camtasia. a little vesion is snagit. these are not free however they are very good. otherwise just search in softpedia for some screen recorder.
  19. marley17

    How is my website??

    i got an error on the about page