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  1. cjptomas80

    Can't login

    Trying to login just giving me an error code "EC55B8F79737890EE". Same problem on this thread.
  2. cjptomas80

    x10hosting links and display on mobile display

    Using Mobile phone the information is unreadable in some areas of the front page as shown on screen shot provided. Discord invite inside the login/panel area is not valid.
  3. cjptomas80

    REQUESTING Disk Space

    Please double my current disk space of 512mb. Can't test out this Drupal distribution.
  4. cjptomas80

    Please help for ISP been Block

    Is there a way other than changing ISP/internet to connect at My ISP Provider is been block for malicious activities
  5. cjptomas80

    Add Prefix to threads

    To be easy identified on what kind of thread it will be. example like [request] for an upgrade of disk space request or similar [resolve] for the request of upgrade or help is done. [help] for problems related to hosting with help from community or staff [tutorial] as stated or any others that...
  6. cjptomas80

    Update Disk space

    I am eligible for disk upgrade?
  7. cjptomas80

    SSH should be disable

    @Anna I don't know why while I am testing some function on Cpanel paper_lantern theme, LIMITED SSH access to user account that should be disable is CAN BE USED. Although it didn't have root access and I even tried using composer for drupal 8 varbase distribution installation. I am reporting if...
  8. cjptomas80

    Revert Cpanel theme

    It is possible to revert back to paper_lantern theme since I accidentally change my cpanel theme back to basic? When I try to change it there's no option for paper_lantern, only x3, x10x3 and basic.
  9. cjptomas80

    Backup without Cpanel

    Since this thread is the same problem I got and post out there. I am wondering how to backup my database since I can only access FTP. My account place on
  10. cjptomas80

    Change my Main Domain

    How to change my main domain?
  11. cjptomas80

    inodes problem

    Can some help with the amount of inode in my account. I already remove all of my site and still have 15,000. Sorry for the trouble.
  12. cjptomas80

    Dolphin in softaculous

    Im just asking that it this program will trigger huge resources and violate some suspension or not?
  13. cjptomas80

    Inaccessible database

    Inaccessible database gazer_night00 from cpanel but can be access via phpmyadmin. I messed up the restoration of my site via R1soft Restore Backups.
  14. cjptomas80

    Installing Joomla via softaculous

    I tried to install Joomla 1.7.0 via softaculous but when done and follow the administrative panel for my site it wont work. i check the installation status on softaculous but it display "You do not have any installations". I will try to install manually later... ---------- Post added at...