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  1. MicrotechXP

    Good Cheap Domain Registrar

    Anyone know of a good cheap domain registrar that also gives free whois protection? Thanks.
  2. MicrotechXP

    Advertising Study - Help needed

    For school I am conducting an advertising study in order to see how people have reacted and responded to advertisements. I want to see if advertising has made you aware of a certain product/image more than others. I have this website that has a bunch of advertising images and if you will...
  3. MicrotechXP

    FTP Not Connecting

    I can not connect to my account via FTP. Account username: ddrun
  4. MicrotechXP

    $30 for Coding of Small Webpage

    I will pay $30 USD via PayPal to anyone that can create a simple webpage. I need the webpage to show images and the end user to be able to name the things in those images. When they named them all, it should take them to another page where it tells them if they are wrong or right. It will be...
  5. MicrotechXP

    Need help with theme

    I have been messing with a theme that I bought and I can't seem to get one thing done. The posts are limited to a certain amount on the home page and I want to make the limit more. Like from 500 words to 1500 words before limited (example). Here is the code I have found for the limiting...
  6. MicrotechXP

    1000 Points for Logo (Vector)

    Hey guys. I want a logo created (vector) and I am going to be offering 1000 points for it. I need a logo made for my friend that has a company and needs a logo to go with it. The name of the company is "Shift" and he wants something to go along with the name. I want something to pop out and...
  7. MicrotechXP

    Help Fixing Wordpress theme

    Alright, I just bought a wordpress theme and I want to make some changes to it to suit me. I messed around with the code and I wanted the menu's to be on top and it became like this: I want it to look like this: Here is the website URL...
  8. MicrotechXP

    $$ for coding!

    I am looking into making a website, but I can't code. I can design, but I can't code at all. So I am looking to partner up with someone and make this website. I am offering to pay you money for coding the website (we will go over terms latter). If you can code at all, please PM or post here with...
  9. MicrotechXP

    Logo made - 100 Points

    I am looking for a logo that is pretty easy to make. I want two arrows going opposite of each other and the left arrow green or blue and the right arrow blue or green. They can touch and if you want an example of how I want it, PM me and I can show you. 100 points to the best one I like.
  10. MicrotechXP

    Download the Windows 7 RC EARLY!

    Download it here: Windows 7 RC at News Source: Get it now!
  11. MicrotechXP

    [REQ][$$]Wordpress Customization

    I need a guy that understands wordpress and help me by customizing this theme that I have to the way that I want it. I will pay by money or credits whichever you want. Just PM me or post here with your contact details and we will begin talking about what I need fixed.
  12. MicrotechXP

    Need help with code

    Alright so on the website that I am fixing up (the design) for myself I am having issues. You can see it here: to see what I want changed. Alright on the news posts it shows how many comments are in each post on the top of the post under the title. Now I want to move it...
  13. MicrotechXP

    Happy Birthday to me!

    Well today is my birthday and I am 19! :naughty:
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    How The PS3 Can Beat The Competition This Holiday Season

    Read the full story at MicroTechXP !
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    I am trying to sell a laptop and I need help

    So I am trying to sell a laptop and I need help selling it. I tried selling it on eBay and then the buyer bid $530 on it and did not pay, so now I need to re-list it. Is there anyone here that can help me by maybe telling me where I should sell it or if anyone wants it PM me. The specs are...
  16. MicrotechXP

    Who Likes Pokemon?

    I liked pokemon when I was younger (not as much anymore), but I still like Pikachu! ---- The site below is my brothers and don't worry I am older than you think I am.
  17. MicrotechXP

    Need Coders To Make A Website/ Will pay $$

    I will be paying some coders if they can help me make a website that I want to make. I will not be releasing that much details, BUT if you are interested and are committed to make a website that will kind of be like a facebook (but it is not) for me then PM me. I am looking for any coder with...
  18. MicrotechXP

    MiBux - 1 cent clicks 100% ref earning!

    At MiBux, you get paid to click on ads and visit websites. All you have to do is simply click a link and view a website from 5 seconds to 30 seconds to earn money. You will be paid up to 1 cent per click on each website you view and up too 100% of what your referrals earn.We guarantee 8+ ad's a...
  19. MicrotechXP

    Coding help

    Can anyone with coding help tell me why does the menu go over the main part of the page instead of it staying at the right: I am trying to fix it, but it does not want to move back to its original place. It is supposed to look like this:
  20. MicrotechXP

    Playstation 3 outsells XBOX 360 in January

    For the first time in a long time the Playstation 3 outsold the XBOX 360 in units sold in the month of January 2008. gaming-ms-nintendo-sony The PS3 sold 269,000 units against 230,000 for XBOX 360. However, both units was beaten by the Nintendo Wii which had 274,000 units. Microsoft has said...