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    Is chopin having issues?

    Just wondering because its taking both of my websites atleast 25 seconds to load. One running mybb, the other running smf?
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    Is this enabled?

    mod_rewrite,PHP with mbstring, and MyBB 1.4 with UTF-8 encoding i need to know if this is enabled, for mybb google seo. I need to know because i am receiving 404 errors and didnt get this on another host. ---------- Post added at 09:12 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:03 PM ----------...
  4. mattblog

    I cant delete my folders

    It wont let me delete them?
  5. mattblog

    PHP AND HTML Email Script Help

    I made a script to send a email to myself for link exchange. I tried it but it doesnt send the email. can anyone check if i did anything wrong. This was coded in html and refers to an action from a php script. Html <form name="LinkExchange_ContactForm" method="post"...
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    Lost MySQL DB Info

    I lost alot of my mysql database information. I run a forum and i have lost 25% of my posts. Im not sure but i may have lost a couple of members. Ill be fine with just the 25% lost, even though it sucks, but is there many issues like this and is there a way you can restore it back to original...
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    Forgot how to add Friends

    I actually have forgotten how to add friends. I added contacts but i dont know if that is considered adding friends. Can someone just clarify this for me because of my nubish actions. Thanks Sorry i work more with SMF Matt,
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    Chopin Domain Issues

    Hello. I'm on Chopin and all my files have been restored. When in login to free hosting I see addon domains and main domains set correctly. However when I go on the website the website is down so I went to addon domains on cpanel eventhough it said I hadthen when I login. It...
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    Im at My Limit, so Switch to Unmetered.

    I need to switch to the Unmetered. I guess i don't know what to do. I dont want to switch but even though when i login to the dashboard on x10, it sais im half way full of my quota where as on cpanel it says im completely full. Don't switch me if there is a solution, but im just wondering.
  10. mattblog

    Can't Delete Directories - Don't Have Permission

    Hello, can anyone here who manages the cpanel servers delete the following directories as they will not delete and i do not have permission for some reason??? wp-admin wp-content wp-includes No_Nothing gamerzboard gamerzboardforum as well as can you delete the Reviewo and Techsavy subdomains...
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    X10Premium Question

    Can someone show me a website that is hosted by x10premium. As well as i want to have many members on my website. Maybe a lot at one time, would this be bad if i buy x10premium. Would i become banned? What are the Limits.
  12. mattblog

    SMF 2.0 RC3 No Index on Topics

    after reviewing some of the code on my website i found that i get the following code as a meta tag in the topics file but not in the index file or members files. <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" /> <meta name="description" content="Vending...
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    Credits have Stalled

    My credits for some reason have stalled. They will not update. This has happened for around my last 75 posts which could have been a lot of credits. (i legitimately helped people in freehosting). Anyways, any idea why this is happening and how i/we can fix it.
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    How to Add Google Analytics Code to Forums

    I had a hard difficulty adding the google analytics code into my forum. no matter where i put that code, it would always result into an error. I work with SMF so this may not be guaranteed with others but I'm sure it will work. First of all, the code google analytics gives you is HTML. The code...
  15. mattblog

    Not Loose Credits for Editing

    I've just been wondering why we loose credits for editing. I dont know this for sure but people have said so and i have seen it myself. what if someone is adding more info on. I remember being told by an admin not to double post but to edit, doesn't this go against that. Just wondering Matt,
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    Forum Needs Members and Moderators

    Quote from post in "Review My Site" Like said in this post i do need monitors. Follow the instructions on how to submit a application on the forums. It would be a great advantage if you -Have been an active member on x10. -Moderate any forum (Need Proof) -Get a admin/moderator of another...
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    Technology Forum Link Exchange Looking for link exchanged for the above website. You link will be put in the sponsers tabs which by default contains statistics (number of redirects) Please post if you are serious. Hoping for Big Link Add or Banner/Square Ad. Must be Tech Related or close to tech (Gaming...
  18. mattblog

    Technology Forum And Arcade

    I have been working for almost a week creating this web page. After fixing bugs and modifying it to work for me as well as adding countless plug ins, i finally got the forum they way i want it. After making sure everything is set up i am finally ready to show this to everyone who may be...
  19. mattblog

    Whats Better???

    Whats Btter x10premium or I know it may be a bit biased but can anyone tell me why i should go with x10 instead of justhost. I like how x10 has forums and justhost does not but is there any other reasons. Like justhost is ratd #1. Matt,
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    Addon Domain Restriction

    I have had many addon domains in the past. all except for 1 have been deleted. I only have one at the moment, yet when i try to register a new one it says i have exceded the limit. Yet the problem is, just 3 days ago i had 3 slots used and now it wont let me have 2? Can someone help me? Matt,