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    My website now is being redirected to spam

    Man oh man... Its always one more thing over here. Now my website redirects to some spammy sites... Now where do we go from here...
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    HTTPS or bust. Chrome is going to lock out HTTP

    SO with the news of the Chrome browser no longer showing any HTTP websites as of next month... when is the HTTPS going to get fixed here?
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    Any timeline on when websites will be restored?

    This migration seems to be dragging on and on and now I can't access my website at all. I want to know the timeline on this being rectified or I will have to find a new home ASAP. Just be truthful.
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    IS it possible to connect IFTTT to this free hosting?

    Tried but was unsuccessful and have assumed it's due to the hosting as no other problem seems to account for it. Thoughts?
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    Can't FTP

    First, the certificate doesn't match the hostname according to a critical red notice on the certificate itself... Secondly, it denies me access because it says login authentication failed. These are the credentials which are supplied from this site so what am I missing?