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    My website's going crazy.

    Whenever I try to go to my website it shows the cpanel Apache is working screen. It tells me to delete that directory, but I have no directory named cgi-sys. I really need this fixed. I have noticed it has been switching from that page to my custom made index page, and has been going back and...
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    PHP programmer wanted. will pay credits

    I need a php programmer. I will pay by page or by day. By page: 10 credits per page By day: Depending on how much work you do.
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    [OFF][MEMBER PAYS AUTHOR]Advertising... If you want to advertise on my site, pay one of the amounts of credits to me after I put your ad up. If I do not get the credits the ad will be taken down. Text Links: 5 credits - 1 month 10 credits - 2 months (every month after add 5 credits)...
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    Selling Runescape Items

    If you think I am being unreasonable tell me. 20843 coins - 100 credits Black wizard outfit, cape, & air staff - 75 credits 1 Fire rune - 1 credit(399 for 50 credits) 1 Law rune - 2 credits(5 for 4 credits) 2 Mind Runes - 1 credit(480 for 80 credits) 2 water runes - 1 credit(14 for 7 credits)...
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    Mail for my team website using a 3rd party app.

    I want to give my teammates an email address on the site and let them access their webmail using a 3rd party application. How do I do this?
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    My game making team's website(no games yet).

    Here is my site: I am not finished. Although I have had one person say it looked great. But I want to know what others think too. This community seems really nice(at least from the forums I've read). Please give feedback.
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    Hello. My name is Levi. I lead a game making team that uses the program game maker(produced by yoyogames). I like making websites, games, talking to others, joking around, almost anything a normal person likes to do. I am only 15. I like playing games a lot, too, so you will find me in the forum...