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    Ads allowed?

    Hi, I'd like to add some ads to my Facebook app, which runs using a website hosted by x10hosting. I'm sure I read somewhere that adverts are not allowed on x10hosting, is this true? I don't want to get my site suspended. Thanks, Marek
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    Review my Facebook app

    Probably only useful if you have a Facebook account, and if you know how to play Backgammon. I've redone my site so it looks more like a Facebook app: All comments are welcome (but preferably if they are constructive).
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    Recently unsuspended account - SQL DB missing

    Hello, I recently had my account suspended - see here: I have it back, but the SQL database seems to be missing. This was a crucial part of the software, and I do hope it hasn't all been deleted. I can understand that if the database...
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    Server slowness

    I have a problem with my site on x10hosting, sometimes it is very slow to access the server. I have some .php pages and an SQL database. Accessing both of these can sometimes take seconds. Is there any way to speed this up? Or is it just inevitable when using free hosting?
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    Reviews wanted for Facebook app

    Hi, Check out my Backgammon Facebook application here: I know it looks a bit basic, but I would like to hear any reviews or suggestions. Thanks, Marek
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    Hi, thanks for the hosting. Is anyone else hosting a Facebook app on here?