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    What's your favorite (free) FTP Client?

    FireFTP through FireFox is all I ever use anymore. It works and is conveniently just another tab in the browser.
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    Backup Your System

    Put your files in a private folder; do not put backups in a public or shared folder, unless you want them available to others. Private folders "should" be secure, but encrypting sensitive files prior to uploading adds an additional layer of security. Note that Dropbox does not claim to be...
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    What do you think of my website.

    Check you spelling and grammar, including capitalization and punctuation. In all sites, but especially in an education site, they should be perfect.
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    How can I find the history of a Domain name & its registration? may be able to give you some info.
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    forum login problem

    I "had" the same problem, but used an old-fashioned workaround: the [Tab] key. Click in the search field (at least a field that was available on my monitor), or whatever field that is available via your mouse, and then using the [Tab] or [Shift][Tab], move around the screen until you land in the...
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    Joomla frontpage logo

    A lot depends on your template, index.php file, and your css styling, which you said nothing about, but a couple of possibilities to consider: 1) using two templates, which appear based on the page. I have not done this, but I believe it is doable. 2) "hide" the logo by covering it up: put a...
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    Important Poll

    I use neither.
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    Have account, no hosting

    Can you please remove my current account, so that I can start over? Otherwise, if I try to sign up again, I am told that I already have an account, and am not allowed to sign up again. Thank you for your help.
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    Have account, no hosting Username: pimabuz
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    Have account, no hosting

    When I click "Hosting", the following message appears: ---------------------- Woah! It appears that you do not have hosting under your client account. This could be the result of a different scenarios: * An older account was removed as the result of inactivity. * A past account has been...
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    Have account, no hosting

    I signed up for a free hosting account on Mar. 13. My account is set up, but no hosting. If I try to sign up again, I am told that I already have an account, which is true, but no hosting. I do not need a new account, just hosting. Can you please "enable" hosting on my account? Thank you. Rich