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  1. toyowheelin

    name servers
  2. toyowheelin

    MySQL Hostname

    In your script if you use localhost for the hostname of the sql server it will work. External access to sql is disabled on free hosting.
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    Shared Hosting + VPS = Win?

    Your shared hosting account would most likely be killed off as it would be considered file hosting and that is not allowed in the TOS.
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    VNC on Headless Server

    It would be helpful to know what distro your VPS is running. Here is a tutorial for ubuntu.
  5. toyowheelin

    What can it be used for?

    Yes you can, you will need to look at the "Dedicated" packages
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    Internal Server Error

    Looks like it may be a permissions problem, please change your files to 644 and folders to 755. This should clear up the issue. Please report back if it is still giving an error after you have made this change.
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    DNS server not working

    The longest I have ever heard it taking was 48 hrs. Several sources online say it can take up to 72hrs. Keep in mind you are not waiting for the change to get to X10s dns, you are waiting for your ISPs DNS resolver to hear about the change.
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    DNS server not working

    Your site loads properly here which means that you most likely need to follow the steps to clear your local DNS cache, and or clear your browser cache. See these instructions However, if these steps do not correct the problem there is a...
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    Help my site doesn't work,

    If the urls are timing out it is a problem with your ISP and possibly their ability to resolve the URLs. They should all return the "If you feel you have reached this page in error, please contact the web site owner:" page if your connection is working properly.
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    Nope, can't un-suspend your account. You were suspended for hosting a proxy, this is a zero tolerance violation of the TOS. Your account will remain suspended until it is purged from the system.
  11. toyowheelin

    Website is offline

    It may be just your DNS cache that allows you to access the site via ftp and www I am unable to get anywhere with them. You might try doing what you said and remove them and re add them. Let me know how it works.
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    I can not login to cpanel

    This is either a temporary error that has been resolved or an error on your end, the url loads for me.
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    Website is offline

    It appears that you are using .TKs name servers for this domain, you need to be using X10s servers for your domains to work. and Your domain shows that it is using Domain Nameservers: NS01.DOT.TK NS02.DOT.TK NS03.DOT.TK NS04.DOT.TK
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    Account Suspended!!

    Your account can not be reactivated for this violation of the TOS. Your account will remain suspended until it is purged from the system.
  15. toyowheelin

    Account Suspension

    This is a zero tolerance suspension therefore it cannot be unsuspended.
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    Hosting proxy scripts is a permanent suspension and it cannot be reversed, so nobody can really help you.
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    It seems your account is now unsuspended, I had one of our admins take a look at it and they found that the script which is causing the suspensions is I hope that this helps.
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    Suspended Account

    I have unsuspended your account, if this becomes a problem in the future you may need the assistance of an admin to find the script which is causing the high resource usage.
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    Unsuspension system isnot working

    I have unsuspended your account, but if this continues to be an issue you will most likely have to work with admins to try and find the cause of the high resources.
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    I have unsuspended your account, if this happens in the future you should be able to unsuspend yourself in the hosting account panel.