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  1. Scoochi2

    PHP- maintaining cookies within script

    thanks essellar, guess I'll be downloading cURL tomorrow :)
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    Need help :(

    Did you accidentally delete everything whilst uploading or did the upload somehow delete the rest (including itself?)? Also, how did you upload your stuff?
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    PHP- maintaining cookies within script

    Hi. I'm trying to use a script to login to a website with different accounts and let me know if each has any PMs. For example: require_once(''); //contains $names=array(array('account1','pass1')) etc {// functions function login($name,$pass) { $name = str_replace(' ','_',$name)...
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    Need simple ajax/php help

    Replace the line in your HTML with the link to: First Name: <input type="button" id="txt1" value="Click Me" onclick="javascript:sub()" /> ...might help?
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    (ask) Compressing embeded flash file

    Unfortunately, I do not believe you can compress flash without reducing the quality whilst keeping it as flash.
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    Error ?

    What is the site with the faulty hyperlinks? Just out of curiosity, is it Because the only link on that page is the link to the login page. Which has an error in it. Not quite sure how to fix that, I know pretty much nothing about IIS and ASP[.net]. But the fact is...
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    php if argument

    [FONT=Tahoma] That's strange... As ah-blabla said, you can use a function to compare as well, but a direct string comparison DOES work. I executed the following code on my localhost. <?php $Gender = 'M'; ?> <label>Gender: </label><select name="Gender"> <option <?php if($Gender == ''){...
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    php if argument

    When using an if expression, dual equals must be used. If you only use one (as in $gender = M ) then what will happen is that PHP will assign M to that variable. Thus, it will always return true in addition to changing the variable. Additionally, all strings must be encapsulated by quotes. For...
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    include() does not work

    The code itself you have posted is fine and it should be working. Maybe there is a problem within either the header or footer pages. Can you post both of these in addition to the exact error message that appears when you try to run the page (copy paste it)?
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    include() does not work

    two ] are missing :) <?php include($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/header.php'); ?> <p>something here which contains main content</p> <?php include($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/footer.php'); ?>
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    Dynamic Image

    edit: see next post by descalzo
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    Cloud Tag??

    My understanding of cloud tags is that they organise links depending on the frequency they are submitted as search items, or some other way of identifying frequency of usage/request. Once you have a way of people searching for stuff, save the search items to a database along with a running...
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    What OS? XP? Vista?
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    Help needed with programming game

    I am interested. Who is already on the team, and what skills do you have? What language[s] will the game be coded in. And can each player own multiple companies? Could player 1 do all that by himself? Like I said, I am interested in joining. Reply here or via PM.
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    Status Bar Message
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    CSS Layout Help

    you could create a new div with it's own class/id and give it an absolute position of top:0px and left: 0px
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    <br> tag in bbcode

    ...unless you're making your own bbcode parser and want to convert the input to HTML. In which case you'll need to replace the line feed+carriage return characters with <br>. For example: in PHP these would be the sequences "\n" and "\r". That isn't a particularly good example though. Because...
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    Simple Opt in page

    See this topic:
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    creating button images

    PHP can do this using GD functions. The main ones you will probably want to concentrate on are: imagecreatefrompng (or jpg/gif/gd etc isntead of png - or just imagecreate to start from scratch) imagecopy (to add the small images on left/right)...
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    Flipping Card effect help

    This is something that is easy to achieve without jQuery, or flash. JavaScript alone could do it. (html alone would be too messy) When clicked, use JS to switch the image (if showing front, change the source to the image for the back of the card else change the source to the image for the...