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  1. ASPX.King

    website showing up as "domain available"

    my website is it used to work, but this morning when i looked at it, it said "this domain is available" it still says that, but it used to work. what gives? thanks
  2. ASPX.King


    Hello! I'm a website designer/developer, my site is I also make sidebar gadgets and a few desktop wallpapers, I'm working on a big community site to put on x10, I'm loving this host so far. so is it allowed to post without...
  3. ASPX.King

    stoli going slow

    Hi, I'm on stoli, ad-enhanced, with the text ad... It is going first fast, then slow, then fast again. Sometimes it's the fastest free host I've ever seen, five minutes later, it keeps timing out, five minutes later, it's fast again. My website is (it's under...