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  1. bigguy

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to x10. :)
  2. bigguy

    Home page displays as text only and links not working

    Looks and works fine for me. I take it you got this solved. ??
  3. bigguy

    Help! Deleting background images

    What image are you trying to delete. I'm not understanding. Is this a custom template or one from x10. ??
  4. bigguy

    x10hosting Android App

    What would you be able to do with this app. Is it just for browsing the forum. ??
  5. bigguy

    Poor Mobile Layout

    Oh, sorry. It seems I am wrong. Sorry all.
  6. bigguy

    Poor Mobile Layout

    Maybe you should try asking for help the right way. Also, this is not the board for this. This board is for feedback on this site.
  7. bigguy

    Happy New Year and Plans For 2016

    This sounds like a great idea to keep resources at a stable level. Everything should run a lot smoother for you and everyone for that matter. A lot easier on those who are new to hosting. So you will have like a free server for all wordpress accounts and one for site builder and one for cpanel I...
  8. bigguy

    Happy New Year

    I want to wish everyone here a very safe and happy new year. I hope 2016 holds only the best for you. Have a great night all.
  9. bigguy

    Critiques Needed - Business Coaching & Resume Review Services

    I have nothing bad to say about this site. Looks professional, transition effect on everything is nice, looks clean, everything is clearly marked....Good job. If I needed a resume, ya I might let ya's help me out. :) EDIT: I will also say that the color is nice. It's not hard on the eyes and...
  10. bigguy

    My website pages are not loading...

    This is the wrong section for this type of topic. I'm sure the support staff here will be with you very soon.
  11. bigguy

    Country Restriction is a Joke

    Having an opinion is one thing. Please don't force it on people though. There are threats everywhere these days, not just in America or China. It makes no sense to argue about this guys. We are all in the battle to fight spam right. ??
  12. bigguy

    Whats Ur Beef

    Well, I may have to look into that. Or make a modificationn for SMF for it. Thanks guys. :)
  13. bigguy

    Whats Ur Beef

    Captcha or recaptcha is really a thing of the past. Is there a bot that can't break it, lol. I will check out google for sure but thats another problem in and of itself....I mean it's google, lol. Ok, time to go, had a few to many. Night.
  14. bigguy

    Whats Ur Beef

    I will certainly take that into consideration.(it is a bit overdone but it being in beta (the software) I feel a bit safer.) Thank you sir for the feedback. ;)
  15. bigguy

    Whats Ur Beef

    Nice review, and thank you for that. The logo was done in Gimp, which I am not good at. It will be replaced soon. The color scheme was pretty much based of of coffee...or I hoped it sort of looked that way. Maybe I did not capture that right. the reason for all that is anti-spam. Those questions...
  16. bigguy

    Need some insights!

    I like the layout and the template. It's very nice. When scrolling the page in FF though it is very choppy. So was the menu when it was popping out. Other than that though it looks good so far.
  17. bigguy

    Holiday message to x10hosting

    Merry Christmas to you all.
  18. bigguy

    Whats Ur Beef

    You are right about that. It is broke for me as well. I will be fixing it soon enough.
  19. bigguy

    Which forum software should I use?

    Seeing as I am a Support Specialist at Simple Machines I guess my opinion would be a bit biased, lol. Oh well, Personally I would get in on SMF forum software. The next major release is going to be very nice. It is in beta right now and should not be used on a live site but thier stable version...
  20. bigguy

    Is my site title showing up properly?

    That looks much better. Overall I would say good job. I'll change my vote. :)