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    Help please

    This is some crap, why will nobody anwser any support request or elevate or information?? I HAVE BEEN 5 DAYS WITH OUT SITE, I AM NOW ON FRIS AND I DO NOT HAVE FILES!!! Does X10 not care about their users files. I understand we were responsible for backup but my account was already under...
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    Can we please get an anwser

    Hey guys I just had a quick question. After the migration to Fris I my database has moved and my cpanel works I just do not have any hosting files, just a blank directory. I have look acrossed the last 3 or 4 pages and have seen similar questions with no anwsers so if you could let us know about...
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    Help, no Files

    Hey Admins. I am now able to log into my fris cpanel, and see my database, but my database is currently empty and all of my hosted files are gone. I was just wondering if they haven't been unpacked yet or what the deal was with that please if somebody could get back to be that would be...
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    Finally moved to Fris

    After logging in to my Hosting panel I see that I have been moved to Fris, but my main problem still remains I still have no files, and no database and no cPanel access. Now is that due to the move not being complete, or has all of my data been lost? Just wondering... Oh and one last...
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    Flight Sims

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if any of you have flown or fly for any virtual airlines on VatSim/Microsoft Flight Simulator
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    Hey guys I have been three days with no webpage, only showing a CGI Bin and webmail, I cant not have my website this long, is there anyway you guys can just send me my database so I can start a backup website for the time being, Im at a total loss with out it. I understand that you guys are...
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    No cPanel

    Hey guys sorry to bother you again but today I am unable to log into my cpanel, and my webmail. I am unable to reset my password as every time it says,The current account password supplied is not correct, but that is the password I have always used and as you know its the same I am logining into...
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    My MySQL after adding it to the remote access list is still not functioning properly any ideas or thoughts?
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    Star Trek Online

    Thank's to the nice folks here at X10 hosting we have a fleet website for our Star Trek Online Fleet. I just wanted to invite you all to post on the forums, or just leave a message. If anybody plays feel free to post and we'd love to play a game with ya!! If you are interested in possibly...
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    I love X10

    I love X10 hosting one of the best free hosting services around.