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    What Programming Language should I learn?

    Yea, for basic applications? I dunno which one to learn... too many!
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    What language is this?

    view-source: *copy and paste into address bar.*
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    I really need to get a DSLR camera. This photo was taken by my PHONE! Luckily, I was able to get it to focus the way I wanted. One Time Thing xD. Check out my deviant art, Thanks, feedback would be great.
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    Gay Marriage?

    I didn't see a post about it so I decided to start a thread. My Opinion: As a Buddhist, I am not influenced by the Bible and therefore, believe that gay marriage should be legalized. I do not understand why marriage should be between a man and a woman, especially when two people love each...
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    Star Craft 2!!

    Surprised a thread hasn't been up yet. Anyone buy it?! Really great graphics and game play!! Really fun game, but there are going to be expansions so be expecting to pay another 30$ each for both the expansions. Unfortunately, I don't have any loose money so I can't buy it. I played with a...
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    Uninstalling Joomla

    When I uninstall it, it doesn't complete clear their files so I can't install another program, how can I fix this?
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    Hey guys, I'm a new member as you can see. Glad to be in the community.