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    Please do not waste your money at neobux!

    I know that neobux is considered to be trusted site. But, please read the following facts and think whether you also noticed these. #1. On the day which you rented referrals, most of them will click 4 ads! #2. From the next day onwards, the average will start dropping! #3. After 30...
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    Suggestion about a new server

    Hi friends, I am a beginner webmaster. I plan to host a website on my own server. Since, I am a beginner, I need some help from you. What I need is some suggestions on the following things: 1. Which model server (brand, model etc) do you suggest? 2. What should be the minimum connection...
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    Bug report!

    The page rewards is not displaying correctly! Here is a screenshot:
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    Are multiple accounts allowed?

    I have a doubt, you say that only one free hosting account is allowed for free members. But, If I sign up with another email address and create another free hosting account, will it be a violation of ToS? I need one for my personal use, one for my college etc..
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    Feature request!

    When we browse the forums, there are many support requests that says that their hosting account creation is still pending or in the system queue. It will be better if you include an option to know the position of a request in the system queue so that users will get an idea about when their...
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    Nobody to help me!

    Sir, I have submitted a support request at 8th October 2010. But till now, nobody has replied to it. Please help me! Here is the screenshot: As in the screenshot, my problem is that I can't login. Even if I click "Login to cPanel" in the account management panel, it doesn't work. Somebody...
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    Can't login! Please help!

    I did not log in for a long time and now I can't log in. cPanel says "Login Failed!". My account is not suspended, even if I click the button, "Login to cPanel" in the x10hosting control panel, the result is the same! please help me! Is there nobody to help me?? Please help sir! PLEASE!
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    Will I get unlimited space and bandwidth?

    I have read in some post that from 1st June 2010, bandwidth and storage space will be unlimited. Am I eligible for this unlimited?? Will I have to pay something to get this?
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    How can I modify my website?

    I have created a new website under But, I can't find a sitebuilder!