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    I have yet to learn PHP first of all. As far as I know, JSP can do everything that PHP and ASPX can do. A programmer who knows JAVA and JSP can do almost anything. They work together very well. If one knows JS too, then every base is fully covered. JS isn't the most important, but it can do...
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    Website - 300 Points

    No offence, but that site is junky. It's loaded with ads and camo's its real purpose with them too. Go for a cleaner site. Trust me.
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    semi suspended?

    My account was suspended not long ago. I read somewhere that there may be restricted access temporarily after this happens. I can log into my cPanel and upload via the (legacy) file manager or Web Disk, but not ftp, which doesn't make sense. Why give me 3 ways and only take away one. Please...
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    Who uses what program

    You are missing Fireworks
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    Is there any way to make use of JSP? An emulator/interpreter or something?
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    Intel or AMD CPU?

    AMD is so much smaller that Intel is just squashing them. AMD is a much better company. Remember that they had 64 bit first.
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    PHP or Java Script?

    PHP, then JS. If they suppoted JSP, that would be top.
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    frontpage or dreamweaver

    Both are great. Dreamweaver should be top, however the layout and gui suck. Microsoft also has a successor to frontpage which works well too.