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    Site is Down

    Hi, My site salonicreations[dot] com has been down for quite some time.It's on x02. Checking server status suggest that it's unlikely x02 will be up any time soon. Though x10 is free and as such can't complain however I am quite disappointed with the x02 being down...
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    Basic SEO for Newbie as of 2012

    Hi, Though I have into designing websites for quite sometimes but from an SEO point of view, I am totally clueless. SEO for me was adding keywords or adding description in content / description type of meta tags. However as i was reading on the internet, Google now no longer (with its biggest...
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    Opensource Multi level Marketing / MLM/ Binary PHP script

    Hi, I am looking out for a Opensource Multi level Marketing / MLM/ Binary PHP script. I searched google but couldn't find any. Is there any which you guys can suggest. thanks. dk
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    Queries before purchasing Premium (infinity) hosting.

    Hy x10, I want to move all my current (addon) domain names setup under different account portal ids to try out your paid infinity plans for 1 month. However, before I decide, I have some queries, kindly resolve them so that I can make a decision : 1. Do I need to delete all addon domain...
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    New Acc:x10hosting AD page shows instead of Home page

    Hi, First of all thanks for this free great service. Today, I created a free hosting account and uploaded index.php in the root for my addon-domain which is however whenever i try to go to the website it shows x10hosting AD page ("Server Error", with google ads) shows instead of...