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  1. LHVWB

    Show off your online gaming profiles.

    Hello all gamers, This thread is for you to show off your online gaming profiles, I don't have many online game profiles but I will start with mine. WiC: LHVWB Hochmeister Please post the game that the profiles are for, as well as the names and a link to their online page.
  2. LHVWB

    [SMF integration Mod/Tutorial]

    Hello, fellow x10 members. I have created a SMF Mod which allows webmasters to integrate their Site with SMF more easily, and I though I'd share it with the community. :) There are two parts to the Mod, 1. You put '.php' files into a 'file_includes' folder, all the '.php' files are then...
  3. LHVWB

    Forum guests, from Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    I just wondering if anyone else seems to get a few guests from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, on their forums, because sometimes when I look at my forums which I haven't even finished yet, there are multiple guests from Massachusetts Institute of Technology viewing only the forum board...
  4. LHVWB

    Installing SMF from Cpanel

    I've been looking at different options for a forum and decided to go with SMF. But then I found out that Cpanel doesn't let you install SMF where you want to, it makes you put the SMF folder into the root of your site's web folder. I found a way around it, using the SMF webinstall, which just...
  5. LHVWB

    Why can't I post responses in this forum?

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this post. but here goes. At the moment I have found that I can't post responses to the other threads in this forum, I get this message every time: "verbsite, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several...
  6. LHVWB

    adFree Server (absolut) Http not working

    The absolut server HTTP has been down for about 20 minutes. So I can't view/use my website. Please help,