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  1. _john_

    Forum Name Change Part 2

    Seems to work perfectly :) Shame you can't have just 4 letters though, not too important however. _john_ ;)
  2. _john_

    Forum Name Change Requests

    New Name - _JohnS_
  3. _john_

    Hello from Scotland :)

    Oh aye, where are you hailing from? And no, unfortunately lol. Had I heard in time I'd have been on the first train there :wink:
  4. _john_

    Hello from Scotland :)

    Hello there everyone. I'm John from Scotland. A friend of mine recommended X10 as the best free hosting available, and I have to say that so far I'm very impressed :) Don't exactly know what I'm going to be doing here yet but I have a few ideas :biggrin: