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  1. jensen

    Publii Meet Publii, a new Static CMS with GUI to build an extremely safe, fast and stylish HTML website. Publii is a static-website-building tool for every skill level, from beginner to developer. From MobiRise now there's publii. Static websites are making a comeback. Didn't...
  2. jensen

    Free Hosting Service Status Blog

    The forums link the above title to this page Unfortunately it says that the page does not exist?? Perhaps a broken link. Please check. Thanks.
  3. jensen

    Cannot un-suspend

    Normally one can go to the site and login and "un-suspend" one's self But I've got a strange message this time. There is a problem with your request You are signing in from Malaysia, and unfortunately we are unable to offer free web hosting service service to Malaysia at this time. Please...
  4. jensen

    Cannot login and problem with country

    Hi admins and moderators Am using the hosting here and today I could not sign in because of some country problem. Have logged in before without problems. (No, am not applying for a new account here, am having problems signing in) Perhaps the admins can advice on the next course of action...
  5. jensen

    Accelerated Mobile Pages

    AMP Project - Interesting to note that the Google team used to generate their AMP project page but it's not so "famous" like hugo or jekyll or hexo
  6. jensen

    God Tower Puzzle / Riddle

    Try to find the "passwords" by reading the clues on the page. Note: Yes there's answers all over the Internet, just don't go look at the answers. Try and see your skills :)
  7. jensen

    x10hosting 2017 at No.3 Congratulations to x10hosting's team. We're listed at No.3 for the best cloud hosting in 2017. This speaks volumes of a small team of dedicated people here at x10hosting. Also thanks to SINGLEHOP for powering our servers.
  8. jensen

    PICO Would you call your own hard work "Stupid"?? Well Pico's team does. A stupidly simple and blazing fast CMS. Really? Stupidly? Check them out :)
  9. jensen

    Get FAST "What sorcery is this?" that makes computers go very FAST?
  10. jensen

    Owler's strange news

    Was using the bing search engine searching for x10hosting and came across some strange news on an owler website - It suggests that x10hosting has 44 employee and makes USD4.9 million a year. Wow! that's a lot of money. Thanks for...
  11. jensen

    xtra pc How does this work? Just bootable linux? Can we just get a thumbdrive and put a persistent linux OS and get it to work like the above? Claims to work even with a computer that is missing hard drive
  12. jensen

    Docker Another new thing to explore for the adventurer out there. This HUGO journey is taking me all over the world of cyberspace. There's GIT, then firebase and now docker. Just so many options. So much to read. So much to explore. And putting the puzzles together...
  13. jensen

    HUGO on x10host

    esellar spoke about Hugo ( on another thread and without risking to hijack that thread on static website generators, I've started this to learn this new stuff. after being used to WordPress and Drupal, hugo and hexo are totally different beast. Can we install Hugo on...
  14. jensen

    Safe browser

    Browsers are aplenty today with different features. Which would you recommend?
  15. jensen

    Resources Limited within past 24 hours

    Your site has been limited within the past 24 hours I/O usage resources were limited for your site I/O operations per second were limited for your site Received the above note in CPanel. Is this a cause for concern? Does this mean my site is using more resources than permitted?
  16. jensen


    Was trying to run grav here at x10hosting and the message comes back 'mbstring' extension is not loaded. This is required for Grav to run correctly What should be done next? Is this something we need to load? Or some permissions that one may have wrongly set?
  17. jensen

    grav - flat file cms?

    Where to get this grav cms - Where to read about grav - After wrestling with the Drupal 8, it is time to call it a day for me. Do I need such big powerful huge cms for simple company websites? Maybe not. So search...
  18. jensen

    special interest group - python

    Any members here using python? Did a search on the forums here and noticed that the 2005-2008 was the time when python was actively discussed among members. Then it sort of died down. There were repeated questions as to whether python was supported and the answer is YES! So if there are...
  19. jensen

    FREE SEO Tools - compilation

    Am starting a simple thread to collect all the FREE SEO Tools that are useful and here's my first one. Yoast read more details at FREE service to analyse errors on your page does the following: 1 project 100 URLs 1 user 1 crawl per month 5 keywords no...
  20. jensen

    AMP HTML anyone?

    Came across when trying to optimize content for mobile web. What's the difference between AMP HTML and responsive websites? Thought that by making websites responsive we have made it "mobile friendly" Now there's this AMP HTML...