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  1. imc2004

    User login

    I was trying to enter de account management with my username and password but it sais its not a valid... I have not changed my password... I don't understand... And i see is a problem of server or something because i entered to the forum without prooblem.
  2. imc2004

    Slow pages

    Hello I want to know why here in my country (Dominican Republic) my page take a lot of time to show...??
  3. imc2004

    where are my databases?

    hin my sql my databases don't appear, where they are???
  4. imc2004

    I need help urgently

    I'm on fris but Cpanel is not working Would you please tell me what server i'm in now? tnks
  5. imc2004


    I have problem to access my e-mail accounts on the webmail!
  6. imc2004

    Database lost!

    In cPanel when i enter to the MySQL page, both of my databases are empty, what happend? You (X10) said that there will not be data lost! my cPanel account is imc2004
  7. imc2004

    changes in DNS

    There is going to be changes in the DNS because when i try to acces my webpage i see this " This Site Has Been Moved to a New Server. It may be possible to restore access to this site by following these instructions for clearing your dns cache. What i have to do??
  8. imc2004

    Can't do the backup! -.-

    I entered by FTP to my account and the only file i see i the cgi-bin any of my files are there :mad:. So i'm gonna loose all my files again?
  9. imc2004

    Can't acces Cpanel

    I'm on Cossack and i can't acces Cpanel, i want to do a backup to not lose any info!
  10. imc2004


    Hi, i can't access any of the emails account i have in my account...
  11. imc2004

    I need help urgently

    Ok, i'm creating a new hosting account... Cause i see you are not in the disposition to solve my problem :(. But the last thing i request you is to send me my mail the database that is in the account. Or i lost all my data? Please don't tell me that...!
  12. imc2004

    4th request! My web don't work!

    My cpanel user imc2004 My x10 acount imc2004 my web I can't enter in any of those... i have like 2 month with a lot of work stopped about of that...! So please help me
  13. imc2004

    I need help

    I have more than 2 weeks waiting for an answer to my posts, of my account that don't work (imc2004), i can't acces the control panel, Cpanel or any other and i'm loosing a lot of time using the old way to do all the work of my web page with the people. SO PLEASE I NEED HELP AND GET AN ANSWER...
  14. imc2004

    Absolut is not working!

    I can't enter to my account in x10hosting, i get error, i cant enter my cpanel i get an error and my page dont enter my user is imc2004 HELP PLEASE!!!!
  15. imc2004

    My web still not working

    I'm on absolut, and it doesn't work. When i try to enter to my account in appears this "It appears that we are having some slight difficulties, please wait and try your request again. (8A28597B)" What can i do? I have more than 1 month with my web...
  16. imc2004

    Page down

    Hey! My webpage is completly down, i'm on Absolut.
  17. imc2004

    My site is very very slow

    After the change of the My SQL server, my site has been very very slow to enter and to navigate on it. Thanks ;)
  18. imc2004

    Suspension 2 veces en 1 mes por inactividad

    Hola. Estoy teniendo un problema, me han suspendido la cuenta 2 veces en febrero por inactividad supuestamente, como con 5 dias de diferencia... Que podra ser esto?